Whoever says the otherwise is lying, the medallion is so much fun. I tricked my friend Andrew to wear it. Although the full transformation took some time, I started to see the changes immidiately. His mind was the first to wander, “That guy is cute” he said. I laughed when he said so. “It’s not funny. I don’t even know why I said so. I like guys… I mean girls” he said.

A few hours later I noticed he was about an inch shorter. Plus his hair was a little bit longer. We were playing videogames when he said “Boring. We should do something else”. He started talking about his week. I couldn’t believe his personality was changing so quickly. “We should go for a walk” he said.

We were at the mall, when I noticed he had a small bump on his chest. And he was looking at women’s clothing. “This look comfy? don’t they… too bad I am not a woman” he said. We walked a little more, I noticed he was walking differently, kind of sexy. Plus his face looked kind of feminine. “Maybe I should try the clothes I saw” he said. We went back to the store, and he tried all kinds of sexy outfits.

I could tell he already had an hourglass figure. And the bump on his chest had already been upgraded to breasts. “Don’t I look sexy” he asked. He was already thinking of himself as a girl. Later that day we went back to my place. He was wearing his new clothes. I could tell Andrew was gone, he was even swaying his ass like a sexy gal. He looked like a blonde bimbo.

When we got to my place, she locked the door, and took her clothes off. She looked 100% female. And she was quite sexy. “Make me yours handsome” she said. “But be gentle, it’s my first time” she said.


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