(Paula) “What has happened to me? “Paul asked his girlfriend Rhonda after awaking from the hypnosis. (Paula) “We agreed that you would put me in a hypnosis to get rid of my smoking habit but this not what we agreed. (Rhonda) ”Correct however when I put you under a hypnosis I discovered that u have been cheating on me with ex-girlfriend Lilli. So now not only your smoking habit is gone I changed your sexual desire as well but something else had to go. I thought its better if you keep stay together so I transformed her entire body into a busty Latina bodysuit, after that I glued your old body into the bodysuit while u got hypnotized.”

(Paula) “And why did you dress me in those revealing outfits?” (Rhonda) “Paula that is the new you exposing your body and doing everything to get laid.” Rhonda told him. (Paula) “I am getting turned on by own looks…. I am even starting to get exaction but where does that go I cannot feel my manhood anymore….” (Rhonda) “Correct you´re a completely transformed into a woman”

(Paul) “So do you mean that you also changed that of my body….?” (Rhonda) “Yes you really have to live as a woman so that u can never cheat on me anymore” (Paula) “How could I do that I am a man inside the body of a fucking slut” (Rhonda) “Paul I mean Paula that´s my payback and changes happen during the hypnoses will ensure that you will be only wearing these type of slutty clothes so when you are close to a man he can easy pull off one´s clothes for fucking you instantly.”

(Paula) “Oh, you made me think like those cheap whores in the club that have every day another man to go home with….”(Rhonda) “Correct and don´t worry over the coming year you will forget who you were before. So every day a bit of your self will be gone and replaced by a new piece of your horny life, Oh and just by the way Lilli is living inside your big tits and she can still hear and see us. So take good care about her.” Rhonda said while she walked away.”

And Rhonda had been right Paula went to the club every night and went home with a different man for having sex with him every day. First she was really a prisoner of her own body because when she is being close to a man her horny desire took over and she want to get fucked the whole time. But later she started to think more and more as a brainless bimbo so she forget to use her baby pill and Paula got pregnant.

3 months later Rhonda found her again in the red light district.(Rhonda)” look who I found its my ex-boyfriend, Oh it seems you and Lilli are a little bit busy?” A man is fondling her big tits (Paula)”Ah honey not so hard… pleas wait a moment! I will be back soon, Rhonda I love it to be a pregnant slut and I guess Lilli too” (Rhonda) “So that’s nice you are such a great slut. Now I let u alone with your horny lover and better you getting fucked in your ass it’s better for the baby”


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