It’s, like, Not What It Looks Like!

“It’s, like, not what it looks like!” I squealed, closing my laptop and jumping onto my bed. My girlfriend had come in through the backdoor and I wasn’t expecting her home so early, so she totally surprised me.

Fine, the truth is I was too focused on tg captions and diddling my cute little twat to hear her car pull up. It’s not like she wouldn’t have found out I was reading them again anyway. She said the next I read them I’d turn into a bimbo myself. Well, like, here I was.

“I cannot believe you, Trevor. You said you were done with those gross captions!”

“Girl, you sooo need to chill out. I, um accidentally clicked a thingy and it just brought me there!”

“Who are you calling girl. Do you hear yourself? I told you what the consequences would be, and you went ahead and did it.”

“Babyyy I’m SO hella sorry! I tootally didn’t, like, expect this!” I said, my sentences totally ending in, like, an upward inflection. Like, holy shit I even think like fucking bimbo. “But if you, IDK, turn be back? I could be a good girl, or like, boy or whatever and I’ll totally stop looking at captions!” I pleaded with a pouty face.

“Psh, fuck that. You lied to me Trevor. Enjoy the pussy.” She said, storming back out to the car.

“No, like, wait!” I called after her, scurrying out the door and closing it behind me. I begged her to come back as I followed her to the car. She just faced forward and refused.

“O-M-G pretty please Jenny, I want a dick, I want a dick sooo fucking bad!” I pleaded for my manhood back, crying, banging on her car window. She said nothing, she just drove away. I chased after her car down the driveway and out into the street, screaming at her through tears to come back, but soon enough she turned a corner and was gone.

I could believe it, but I had no time to dwell on it because I realized I was standing in the middle of the street in nothing but a pair of thigh high socks! And my screaming had brought several neighbors out onto their porches, and they were all looking at me. My hands shot to cover my chest and crotch as I ran to my front door. To my embarrassment, it was locked, so I hauled ass to the back.

But somehow the backdoor had locked. I feebly banged on the glass in frustration before collapsing on the ground in a sob.

“This *sob* is so *sob* uncool!” I whimpered, unsure of what I’d do now.
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