3 Slutty Necessities

I wasn’t sure about whether I’d like being a female, but now thanks to these three things there’s no way I’d ever go back.
Designer shoes, 5-star hotel suites (with the Jacuzzi of course) and of course cock.

And I get it, I didn’t get the fascination girls had with shoes when I was a guy either, but then I slipped my dainty feet into the sexiest pair of black Louis Vuitton heels. There’s something about walking around naked with only heels on thats just downright slutty. Oh and guys love it, they start salivating with their cocks hard before you can even take the shoes off, which works for me because I love getting fucked with them on.

Don’t even get me started on 5-star hotels though, coming from someone who had never even been in anything remotely nicer than a motel, this was heaven. And all it took was changing into a female and of course pleasing my gracious host(s) with my newly acquired feminine assets because lets be honest, guys don’t take women out to stay at a 5-star hotel so that they can knit together. We all know there’s only one reason for why that happens, and I don’t mind it a single bit. In fact I love it, being pampered like a princess and bought whatever my heart desired just so that in return I’ll let him fuck me to sleep tonight in gorgeous satin sheets and lick the cum off his cock tomorrow morning topped with an equally delicious salmon tar tar in the morning.

Honestly it’s win/win, I’ve had the best sex in my life. There really is nothing quite like getting bent over a marble countertop while a hot young guy uses your throbbing pussy as a personal fuck toy and all you have to is take his cock and wait patiently for him to decide whether to cum inside you or make you swallow it all.


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