Can’t get enough.

“Fucking whore!” muttered Jack as he received yet another rejection from his online dating profile his anger bubbling to the surface yet again “How dare she reject me just for being honest, so what if I told her I was only interested in a fuck it’s not like she wasn’t thinking the same thing.”

It never even occurs to he that he is being an entitled dick or that his little outburst would have such disastrous consequences for him.

He logs off and goes to fix himself something to eat but halfway to the kitchen he starts to feel strange, weak and dizzy, he stumbles and when he raises his hand to catch himself he sees that it has changed. His hand is suddenly slim and delicate with long red painted nails. He feels a weight on his chest a suddenly pulling him forward he stares in horror at the huge tits that are now jutting from his chest. His hands fly to between his legs and a high pitched scream escapes his feminine lips as he finds that his manhood has been replaced by female equipment.

In a blind panic he runs out of his apartment and straight into his neighbor Alex and two of his buddies.

“Woah, slow down there sweet thing.” says Alex looking the new girl over and liking what he sees “No need to rush maybe me and my friends can help you out?”

“I, I…” stammers Jack in his new sexy voice.

“No need to be nervous sexy girl, why don’t you come back to my place and we’ll help you relax?” says Alex with a suggestive leer.

“Fuck off creep!” is what Jack wants to say or maybe “Please help me I’m really a dude!” but the words to refuse to leave his mouth instead he finds himself smiling and cooing “Oooh, yes please.”

In a moment he finds himself in Alex’s apartment surrounded by three men, just this morning he wouldn’t have giving it a second thought but now he is acutely aware of how much bigger and stronger than him they are than him and the lust full looks that they keep giving him make him feel like a particularly tender piece of meat that is about to be served to them on a platter. One of them steps behind him and strokes his ample ass the intimate caress makes him shudder inside but his body responds against his will arching his back and pressing back against the mans hand. He feels sick as his nipples harden rubbing against his shirt and an unfamiliar heat starts to build between his legs.

“Hoo boy” one of them chuckles “I think she likes that!”

Jack can only nod and giggle like a dizzy bimbo while another guy paws at his tits, squeezing the sensitive flesh and making him gasp and squirm in unwanted pleasure.

“God damn!” another voice agrees “what a total fucking whore, I bet she would bang all three of us given half a chance.”

Jack can only scream silently as his body undresses itself and he hears himself say “I thought you’d never ask. Well come on boys these slutty little holes aren’t going to fill themselves you know.”

The guys don’t need to be asked twice in moments they are naked and pumping away at his tender female body. He struggles to free himself, to regain some control over his body, to beg them to stop but all he can do is writhe and moan seductively urging them to fuck him harder to use him roughly.

Deep inside he burns with shame and humiliation as three men fill his ass at he same time. As his body begins to quake with the first of many orgasms a small voice seems to whisper to him that he’ll never have to worry about being rejected again.


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