I didn’t understand why my daughter was always using that Snap Chat thingy on her phone. It was always selfies and mirror shots. I gave her a hard time about it quite often. But thats what Dads and Daughters do- bother each other.

So we were at the mall while she was home from college, and she wanted to go check out some under garments at a new store called Bella’s. I let her go in while I relaxed at a bench. She didn’t come out with any purchases, but seemed very happy. “Dad can I see your phone?”. I let her take it. “Ok Dad, I learned about this special version of snapchat from the clerk in there- you have to try it! I think you’ll like it! Why don’t you go take a mirror selfie?”

So I headed to the mens room…might as well make Amy happy. I stood in the mirror and pulled out my phone, as I opened the app, everything went blurry.

As my vision cleared, I realized that the bathroom didn’t look right…no urinals. And when I looked in the mirror I realized I definetly didn’t look right. I was probably about Amy’s age, and dressed very similar to her style. I looked to the sink next to me, and there was Amy.

“Hey Dad…or lets see… Jane? Yeah that fits to replace John. You never understood why I liked selfies. So i figured my best friend Jane might. Welcome to your new life girl!”

And with that a flood of memories came. I remembered prom dress shopping with Amy, double dates, cheerleading squad, going to college together and joining a sorority. I loved my life. And I was gorgeous.

I pulled out my phone to send my friends, and boyfriend, a pic on Snapchat. After I sent it I hugged Amy, told her “love you bestie”, and we headed off to Victoria’s Secret to check out their new yoga pants.


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