Learning Our Place

You see, I wouldn’t say that my friend James and I were very bigoted. I had friends of many different types growing up. But when Jim and I were off at college, I finally let my big mouth get me in trouble.

You see, one day we were hanging out with the only two black guys in our fraternity. Both were a bit nerdy, and single. I kept pestering them about how they were single when white girls love dating black guys. They finally both got annoyed and left.

Later that evening they both showed up in Jim and I’s room. I asked what they had been up to “Oh we hit up this special store at the mall…Bella’s. And we found a way to solve our singleness problem, and deal with your jackass attitude.” He started reading from a piece of paper and I watched as blonde hair cascaded down my face and felt my body shift. I looked down and I was a gorgeous blonde wearing only lingerie. Jim was now a brunette in lingerie as well.

Without thinking Jim and I both got on the bed and positioned ourselves. In an instant we were both being fucked. It was so weird, but my mind told me I loved it. My mind told me that I was a woman, and I was submissive. And that was what I loved. I believe they were right, we were being jackasses. I’m happy that we are now learning our place as beautiful submissive white girlfriends.


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