Fitting in at Work

It was just a typical day at Twin Peaks restaurant for me, where I had been a dishwasher, and a variety of other backroom positions, for 5 years. I knew all the girls that worked there very well- I felt like part of the restaurant family and they all seemed to be very friendly with me.

“Ron, don’t you wish you could advance in the company?” Shawna asked me.
“I mean theres not much else I can do that I haven’t already done…bussing tables, cooking food…I’ve done it all. Someones gotta do the dishes.” I told her.
“Here, come out with me, we are having a meeting of all the waitresses, and we wanted to talk with you”

So I walked out into the big circle of beautiful curvy women. I admired the confidence it took to wear our uniform.

They circled around me. “Here Ron, this ring is to celebrate your 5 year work anniversary, from all of us ladies.” I took the beautiful gold ring out of the box that said “Bella’s Jewelry”, admired it, and slipped it on my finger.

The girls around me all seemed to be shy or giggling. “Whatsup?” I asked…but then noticed my voice sounded feminine. Then locks of red hair fell into my face, and as I looked down I noticed I had an amazing rack and set of legs that I was showing off in my Twin Peaks Uniform.

“What?” I asked puzzled
Shawna replied, “Rhonda, we all liked you so much, and you are such a hard worker. We thought you deserved to be one of us, a waitress. You are so beautiful! Plus you’ve been single as long as you’ve worked here, and now you won’t be single for long- the guys will be all over you!”

As that thought hit my mind, I realized it turned me on. Imaged of shirtless hunks wanting to fuck me filled my mind.
“Thanks girls! I love it!”

We took a staff picture. I’m the redhead to the left of Shawna in the middle.
And right after we took this picture I had a table of hot college guys, I even gave one my number. I hope he calls!


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