Sorority Revenge 8/10

After we fucked the 4 new women, I was quick to take off my ring. Being a man was entertaining, but I loved being a woman- I had a gorgeous body as Rose. I thought it was sort of odd that Amy didn’t take hers off right away. And after going at it with the orgy, she…he…proceeded to fuck Regina and Harriet as well. I laughed it off as a bit of revenge. But when I woke up the next morning and Amy was still a man, and was fucking Harriet again, I started getting a bit worried.

“Think it’s time to take off the ring Amy?”
“No, I like this, and how about for the meantime you call me Aaron. Seems more appropriate for this body.”
I just was a bit flabbergasted. Yeah the sex had been fun, but Amy…Aaron…seemed to be really enjoying being a man.
“Plus I have a specific revenge that I want to take.” he told me.
“But aren’t we supposed to be starting the final steps?” I asked.
“I have to do this one. You remember that the Vice President- Clark- and I used to date. He was the absolutely worse at wanting to do kinky stuff that I didn’t want to, and always asking for anal. I need my payback. I want to make him my bitch.”

I was a little nervous but I figured I shouldn’t fight this. Harriet went off to go find Clark and bring him to the room. In the meanwhile, Aaron stayed naked and laid out on the bed. He also grabbed some rope. I went in to the bathroom when I heard Harriet approaching.

As Clarke walked into the room I heard him say “woah Harriet, I’m not really into threesomes with other dudes.”

Aaron stood up, and Clarke looked at his dick. “Well Clarke, or should I call you Clara? You won’t get a threesome. You’ll just get fucked by me.”

I snuck a peak out of the bathroom as I watched Clarke transform from his football player build to a petite, curvy, and very sexy woman. Aaron moved towards her, grabbed her and bent her over in front of him. He tied her legs up.

“Clara, this is payback for all the times you forced anal on me while I was Amy. Lets see how you like it.” The newly transformed woman just looked confused. But a look of pleasure overtook her when Aaron entered her and started thrusting. She seemed to be very turned on.

“Oh yeah, your my bitch from now on Clara. You feel so good on my dick and I will fuck you often.”

Well…it seems Aaron has replaced Amy. I guess as long as he doesn’t distract from the plans its ok…but I should try and find a way to get Amy back….


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