The Fap Curse

I’m a 21 year old guy, I masturbate. A lot. Why wouldn’t I?
But there I was browsing reddit for pictures of hot women. I clicked on a link that said “Best pic ever” and it was just a picture of some guys dick. The heck…thats not what I want. But as I looked at other pictures, that cock just kept being an image in my mind. So I went back to the picture and I finished off….it was weird…I’m definetly not gay. But it turned me on. Oh well, tomorrow it would be back to the boobs for me.

But then day after day, in any of my free time, all I could picture was that dick. I finally found it again and saved it to my hard drive. It became a daily habit, staring at that dick and rubbing one out. It felt so good.

But then I started noticing things. One day I thought my hair looked longer. Another day I thought I was losing a bit of my ripped physique. A few weeks in, I had a sudden urge to shave my legs. I got out of the shower that day- looked at my legs, then went straight to masturbating to the dick pic.

But then one day, I caught a look in the mirror- I looked…feminine. I had hips. And my ass was much bigger. Over the next month, I watched as my chest grew…those were definitely boobs. But everytime I thought about trying to figure out what was going on, I was tempted into jacking off to that dick pic. It was so hot. It made my nipples hard.

As time went on, I never left the house…I kept calling in sick to work. They started to not be sure who I was when I called, because my voice started changing. I noticed that I hadn’t shaved my face in months and yet it was incredibly smooth.

What was even weirder was that about 3 months in- I realized all my clothes were most definetly womens clothes. I had bras, panties, skirts, dresses, makeup. Weird. That day as I went to masturbate I found a package that I must have ordered waiting by the desk- inside was a dildo. I started going to town on my own ass with it.

The next morning I woke up to a new feeling- something going in and out of me. As I opened my eyes, I realized there was a handsome man in bed with me, and he was fucking me. And I loved how it felt.

“Well Kylie, I’m glad to see my cursed picture worked. You turned out beautiful. Which is great because you’ll be the perfect addition to my porn films.”

“Porn,” I thought to myself excitedly, “Yum, that will mean a lot of dicks”
I laid back and embraced my new role in life. He may have called this a curse, but it seems like a blessing to me


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