The Raver Girl

“What? You suddenly have a problem with me going out to dance with my girlfriends?” I asked.
“But I thought you would want to be with me.” Simon pleaded.
“You may have used that wish to make me your wet dream girl, but I guess you get off on lesbians cause I still don’t want you, or any guy for that matter.” I told him.
“It was my wish though, how come I’m not getting what I want.” Simon protested.
“Hey I’m the victim here. We were friends. You think I like explaining to my parents that Kyle is gone and only Kylie remains. That and I’m some raver chick that got kicked out of school cause I won’t wear clothes thicker than dental floss. So much for Harvard. I don’t think you have a right to complain.”
“I never really thought magic was real, please forgive me.” Simon begged.
“It is not all that bad, I mean look at me. You at least have one hell of a fantasy life going on in that head of yours. I’ve got some surprising talents and wicked dance moves. Tell you what. I’ll let you watch a little after party action when we get back. How does that sound?” I asked.
“Well, that does sound good, thanks.” Simon conceded.
“Why don’t you go and get a video camera. We may as well make some movies. I’m going to need money and without a degree I may as well use this horny body you gave me for something useful. I don’t seem to have any modesty to care if people see me naked or fucking.” I suggested
“Uhhhmmm… Okay.” Simon said surprised.
“Great, so here is the plan. I’ll go get pumped on the dance floor then bring back some girls for some on screen action. Plus I’m sure eventually one of them will be bisexual and you will have the only dick in the room. I’m sure things will all work out in the end.” I reassured.
“That would be great.” Simon cheered.
Though his wish didn’t go as planned he is glad Kylie is still being a friend and looking out for him a bit. Being the cameraman sounds like a great opportunity. Maybe this would be better for both of them in the end.


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