The Vegas Trip

My buddies Randy and Brian decided to head to Vegas for a week. We got a good deal and since we figured we’d be in the bars and casinos we would just split one larger room with double beds and alternate who gets the couch.
“This is going to be awesome Carlos.” They both shouted in unison as we got to the hotel. After we checked in I asked “How about hitting the casino floor for an hour or so?” “Blackjack!” They both exclaimed. “Jinx… high five.” They laughed. It went on like that and at dinner too. When we got back to the room I asked them if they just shared one brain as a joke. “We do think alike” admitted Randy. “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we were related?” Brian asked. “That would be so cool if we were like family.” Randy agreed. “What about Carlos?” Brian inquired. “Nah, he’s not in tune with us, sorry bro.” Randy declared. “That’s alright, I’d probably kill you at Thanksgiving so better off keeping me out of it.” I responded.
They kept going on and on about how cool it would be so I decided to head down to the casino, and maybe have a few drinks to calm myself. We still had six days here and I figured they were just over excited. When I got back to the room there were two naked women there. “Great, they hired hookers.” I mumbled sarcastically.
“Oh, Carlos dear, glad you came back. We were getting lonely without you. Isn’t that right Brianna?” The older one taunted. “Sure is mommy. I thought Carlos was supposed to make me a woman tonight.” The young one responded with a smile. This had to be a prank. I looked around the room figuring my buddies were hiding and ready to jump out laughing. Even their luggage was gone and replaced with twice as many pink and purple bags.
“If you are looking for condoms, don’t bother. I’ve been tied and I can’t wait for grandchildren.” She said. I kept looking and found their ID. Rachel Hunter, 37 and Brianna Hunter 18, same address as my buddies. My address too since we rented the house together. This was really odd. They started doing a little dance together. I was so confused so I called another friend back home. “Hey Nick, it’s Carlos. Have Randy or Brian called you?” “Who?” Nick asked. “My roommates dude.” I prodded. “You mean that fox Rachel and her smoking daughter? Man, no idea how you landed that. Which one is your girlfriend again? They both seem all over you when I’m there…” I hung up on him.
“What the Hell, I’m in Vegas. May as well enjoy it.” I exclaimed. “Yay!” they both gleefully jumped up and down. “You know, after this we should go get you and Carlos married. Then we truly can be a family. As long as you don’t mind sharing him with me.” Rachel planned. “Oh my goodness yes, mommy. We share everything why would we let a man stop that, you’re totally my BFF, plus you have so many tricks to teach in bed.” Brianna giggled. I decided to take a picture and they posed by the window for me, then I waved them both to me. We never really made it out to see the shows and gamble. We just fucked all week long, save those few hours it took to go get a shotgun wedding. When we came home it continued and I was glad that this was one story that didn’t just stay in Vegas.


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