The Three Wishes

Alex found a lamp in a ditch and when he was cleaning it a genie appeared. “I shall grant you three wishes” it exclaimed. He was in shock and surprise so he went over to his best friend Randal’s house. Alex showed him the lamp and said a genie was in it. Randal laughed and thought Alex got too much sun. So Alex gave it a rub and the genie popped out again.
Randal warned Alex that every story he read with a genie seemed to involve trickery. He said Alex should get rid of the lamp. Alex didn’t believe that and thought about what he wanted most in the world.
“Okay, I have it Mr. Genie. I wish I was the richest kid in school. I wish I was the center of attention at every basketball game and I wish I was a sexual idol with a 12 inch cock between my legs.” Alex stated confidently.
“So shall it be” said the genie, who went poof in a gust of smoke. When the smoke cleared Randal knew things had changed but not how Alex imagined.
Amy’s phone, in it’s diamond studded case, chirped with texts, emails and missed calls from brokers and bankers wanting her to invest. Her head cheerleader uniform was tight to her skin and her mind flooded with acrobatic tricks that would marvel Cirque du Soleil. But the most noticeable was that she was riding Randal, now her boyfriend, and his giant cock was now filling her insides. Soon Alex only had the memories of Amy Chen. Though he never had the lamp it seems Randal gained the most with his enlarged cock and rich highly flexible nymphomaniac girlfriend. In the end Randal is very happy his friend never took his warning. When she finishes riding him Randal is going to propose, what more could he want in a girl?


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