The Four Leaf Clover

I was out for a hike with my friend Daniel. We had known each other since we were five but he never really grew into much of a man and had a hard time meeting girls. I convinced him to come hiking with me so he could get in shape and hopefully have better luck.
On one of our hikes I was resting and drinking some water and noticed a four leaf clover. I didn’t really believe in magic but still thought it was a sign of good luck. I figured Daniel needed more luck than I did so I gave it to him and said he should make a wish and eat it.

He gave me a look and said “are you serious, Bro?” I gave him a nod. He said “What the hell. Okay I wish that I woke up every morning to a hot chick in my bed” and he ate the clover. We continued our hike and I didn’t think anything of it again until the following morning.

Daniel sent me a text saying I needed to get over to his place right away. He said he unlocked the door so to just come upstairs right away. I was worried so I went over before going to work. I looked all around but didn’t see anyone then this blonde knockout was standing in the doorway to his bedroom.

“Holy shit his wish worked”, I thought and she had a sly little smile on her face. I went into Daniel’s room to congratulate him but he wasn’t there. Then this blonde began unbuttoning her shirt. I was trying to find my friend but this girl just kissed me and reached into my pants. I texted a co-worker to tell the boss I wouldn’t be in today, then she took off my shirt.

She was wild and without a word she started riding me. Every time I came she would start sucking me off until I was hard again. She had a dozen orgasms and rode me for four hours till she finally just lay spent on my chest. I tried to catch my breath and asked her where Daniel had gone. She said “Daniel is gone, I’m Amber now” in the sweetest angelic voice.

I was a bit shocked and confused “You’re Daniel?” I questioned. She nodded and gave me a kiss. Then she said that I had been her best friend so why not become lovers. She knew everything I liked and still liked the same things as before, with the exception of a new fierce appetite for my cock. This new body was amazing and she did things that most girls would never try so we became an item. I’m thinking she would be happy to be my wife.

It seems that clover changed both of our luck for the better.


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