The Babysitter

“Andrew, get down here! The babysitter will be here any minute.” Mom yelled to me.

“I’m 16 now. I don’t need a babysitter.” I retorted.

“You should have thought of that before you raided our liquor cabinet.” She scolded.

“But Uncle Murray stinks and farts all the time.” I protested.

“He’s in Houston so I had to hire someone, so you’d better be nice or you’ll be grounded too.” She cautioned.

Just then the doorbell rang and in came Jessica Sloan. Not only was I crushing on her at school, she was one of the most popular kids in school. This was a disaster.

“I’ll be home in the morning, no trouble you hear?” Mom directed as she ran out to the car.

I stood there silently but inside I was in pure panic mode. Jessica was going to tell the kids at school that I still needed a babysitter. My reputation would be destroyed forever. I had to think quickly. She just put down her backpack and looked around a little. Then it came to me. I needed leverage to keep her quiet. So I thought my bodyswapping power could help. I switched us, plucked the ball cap off my old head and ran upstairs to my sister’s room. She was away at college but had a full length mirror.

I stripped as fast as I could and started taking pictures of Jessica’s naked body with my phone. I got a couple of snaps before I heard Jessica in my body charging up the stairs.

“What are you doing you pervert?” She accused.

“Just making sure you don’t gossip about me at school tomorrow, or else these pictures go from the cloud to all my friends. No mention of my parents hiring you to babysit.” I demanded.

But she wasn’t really paying much attention, she was kind of stunned seeing herself exposed. I think she was feeling what my body does to me every time she is around. So I decided to change pose and take a few more shots.

“You jerk!” She said, snapping out of it and hoisting my little body and tossing it to the daybed by the window sill. “Wow, you’re pretty strong.” She said half apologizing, half impressed. Then we both noticed her bulge in my pants. She took them off to have a better look. “I can’t believe my own body is making me horny.” She continued, moving closer to me seeming to enjoy being in a more powerful frame. My nipples were getting hard and I was frozen in anticipation of what Jessica might do. She just kept coming closer until she slid my body’s erect penis into her old body. We both let out a gasp of pleasure. She began to lunge into me with a slow rhythm.

“Why am I doing this?” She questioned out loud. “Because it feels fantastic?” Was all I could think to reply while feeling sensations that I could never even imagine before. She continued and really got to pounding enjoying the control she had over my little frame. We had sex most of the night and Jessica really loved it. Even though I am certain the orgasms I felt were way better, she loved the power. To lift her old body with one arm and make me bounce gave her great joy.

We switched back before my Mom got home and I could tell that she would like to do that again. I decided to be just bad enough that my parents didn’t trust me alone, but not so bad as to get shipped off to military school or something. Jessica even offered a cheaper rate so she’d be called over more often. Every time we were alone we would switch right away and then make love all over the house. We were both enjoying every minute of it.

Last week though when we tried to switch back it didn’t work. I was confused and tried several times before I heard a deep laugh from her in my body. “Oops, silly me. I guess I forgot to take my birth control pills. But, don’t worry baby. I’ll do right by you and we’ll be a family.” I can’t even say I’m upset with her. Jessica knew what we both wanted.


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