The Attitude

“Seriously Dan, look at me. I have Kelly’s body forever. Mmmm, this perfect body. I don’t know why she decided to go free climbing in my body. She did, she fell. Our parents’ don’t even know who should grieve. But all I can think about is that I get to be this magnificent energetic ravishing person always.

So I want you to help me. You know I can’t tolerate most of the guys at school regardless how much this body craves boys. You, me, this body. We can really do well together. Our smarts combined and both of us get regular sex. Isn’t this just what we wanted? A bit different then expected but it has benefits.

<Kelly walked over to where half the football team was lined against a wall. She stopped, arched herself seductively and ran her hands down her back and ass. She gave a wink, tossed her hair and strutted back to Dan with a grin.>

They all have boners now. That is a weapon and you get to be the one to fuck it. If you have any more questions text me. I’m cutting class to go shopping. Later.”

<It was clear to Dan that his best friend maybe got more than just a body from Kelly. That attitude was Kelly to the bone. Dan couldn’t argue with new Kelly’s logic, or his own boner>

“Kelly! I’ll come too.” Dan said.

“I thought you might.” Kelly said as she slid Dan’s hand in her pocket as they walked out of school.


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