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A Trainer Like No Other

Since summer is right around the corner, my services as a personal trainer are in high demand. I’ve got a 100% success rate, making me the most successful trainer–maybe ever. I have a very simple method that no other trainers could offer…I’m a bodyhopper! Read more

Powers of the Supermoon

I sat in a circle of candles in the woods behind my isolated mountain home. My bones were shivering in the cold November air, yet this was exactly where I wanted to be. It has been almost seventy years since the moon was close enough to perform this spell, giving me enough power to pull this off, and not even the wolves pacing around me will stop me from doing it. I failed the last time, but now I knew I’d be prepared. Four hundred years of practicing my powers will finally allow me to pull it off. Read more

When Lightning Steals Your Rod

It started just like any other time I’ve jacked off. I slid on a pair of panties from my secret stash and logged online to live my fantasy of becoming a girl. The captions I read made me hard as a rock in no time. However, a lightning strike that was too close for comfort knocked out the internet and sent a shock through me. Sitting in the dark I realized I was okay, yet still horny so I switched over to my phone to finish the job. Read more

Graveyard shift in the Mall

I waved goodbye to the final janitor and locked the door behind him after he left the now empty shopping mall. My job as a mall cop at first seemed boring as hell, considering there was literally no crime in my town, until I heard about the new store that opened. “Fantasies Inc.” was once an internet clothing line until it became so popular they opened facilities all across the country. And from what everyone was saying, these clothes seemed to look great on anybody. Read more

Vacation Week Extension

Thousands filed formal complaints while hundreds threaten to sue after three days of inactivity from the DreamGirl App’s headquarters. Due to the unexpected surge in users over the previous holiday weekend, the servers crashed, and thousands of guys found themselves temporarily stuck in female bodies until the problem could be repaired. Read more

Paying Attention to Warning Labels

It was my last day of my internship at my college’s chemical facility, and I always made a tradition of stealing a souvenir from wherever I worked to remember the place. Besides my desk, and the employee lounge, I never really got to see the place. So, I decided to give myself an unauthorized tour with the help of my boss’s “missing” keys. Read more

One Thing Just Led to Another…

I have no idea exactly what brought me here, but all I knew was that things got out of hand way too fast. I waited for my parents to go to work before I got out of bed and smoked a few rips from my bong. I snuck into my older sister’s bedroom like I’ve done a thousand times before to take part in my most secret hobby. Read more

Pretty Little Ink

It wasn’t my first tattoo and it certainly wasn’t going to be my last. It was just like any other when it came to the weeks of work, outlining, and filling in. The stinging pain was expected, but the aches and cramps at night were what I spent months saving money for. I knew I needed to have a few weeks off while the process was completed. Read more

A Different Kind of Steroid

Scouring through the internet, I found hundreds of weight loss programs. Some were too easy to be true, and others required a lifestyle change that I needed desperately, but was too lazy to accomplish. I enjoyed eating, drinking, and smoking too much to stop, but everyone knows the quote, “Nothing tastes better than being skinny.” Enough was enough, and I found a program that really caught my eye. Read more

Smoke and Poke

House-sitting for my Aunt Becky was something I always enjoyed. Although she was old, she had a million different channels on her TV, she had an awesome pool out back, and it gave me a place to smoke the herb without worrying about somebody showing up. Read more