One Thing Just Led to Another…

I have no idea exactly what brought me here, but all I knew was that things got out of hand way too fast. I waited for my parents to go to work before I got out of bed and smoked a few rips from my bong. I snuck into my older sister’s bedroom like I’ve done a thousand times before to take part in my most secret hobby.

I don’t know what it was, but I just felt incredible in her sexy clothing, and now that she’s away at college I get to do it so much more often. It sucked how she took her best outfits with her to school, but I was still able to uncover her secret slutty clothes she wore in high school. I slid on a dress that I remember she wore as a freshman. It was tight on me, and I was a little tall for it, but eventually it began to stretch to fit me.

Only, it wasn’t the dress that was growing…it was me that was shrinking! Not only that, but firm little breasts filled the cups of the tight mini-dress, and my ass began to swell to fit my widening hips. Sandy blonde hair grew past my eyes and shoulders as I saw the stiff hard on in my panties swell and burst with ropes of cum that soaked through the clothing. It immediately shrunk inward, blossoming into my new pink lips beneath the sticky panties. Looking in the mirror, I noticed I was now a young high school girl.

Hormones were making me dizzy with the bombardment of emotions, shivers, and a raging need to take my new parts for a test run. I tore off my clothes and luckily I knew where she hid her naughty toys. I ran into my room and jumped onto my bed, noticing everything was now pink and girly. I even noticed that I was a girl in every old family photo around the house!

I wanted to investigate, but the hormones were driving me mad. I shoved her dildo into me and shook and shivered as I felt the pleasure of being a woman. I pumped it in and out of me until I screamed a high pitched moan, filling my head with not only pleasure, but memories of growing up as a girl. Once the adrenaline wore off, I had to regather myself. What caused this? Was it the dress, the panties, or the weed? Was it the combination of all three? Well whatever it was, I looked forward starting high school again, except this time it’ll be the way it was always supposed to be!!!


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