When Lightning Steals Your Rod

It started just like any other time I’ve jacked off. I slid on a pair of panties from my secret stash and logged online to live my fantasy of becoming a girl. The captions I read made me hard as a rock in no time. However, a lightning strike that was too close for comfort knocked out the internet and sent a shock through me. Sitting in the dark I realized I was okay, yet still horny so I switched over to my phone to finish the job.

And as I rubbed my cock, something strange happened this time. Rather than get harder and burst with cum, it seemed to shrink. My hairy legs became clean shaved and firm as my arms lost muscle mass, narrowing my shoulders, yet widening my hips and plump out my ass. The shirt I was wearing shrunk around my stomach, but stretched around new breasts that sprouted out with nipples that were sensitive to the touch. However, I was so into the stories that I didn’t even notice the changes.

I kept rubbing until my balls shrunk inside me, and my dick was no more. My new clit and vagina soaked through my panties as I felt my face morph and my beard fall from my chin. Eventually blonde hair grew past my shoulders as the sensations from my pussy made me moan and whine in a soft, feminine voice. And finally…BLAM! I stretched back on my couch as a womanly orgasm made me scream and squirm.

I cooled down after a while and looked at myself. I was so focused in the captions I read that I didn’t even notice the changes happening! I was actually a girl just like in my fantasies! The lights came back on, and my apartment was no longer a mess with boy clothes everywhere and empty pizza boxes, rather it was decorated like a girl’s home. The lightning must have fused my fantasy into reality! Taking advantage of the opportunity, I hopped back onto the couch and did the dirty again…


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