Powers of the Supermoon

I sat in a circle of candles in the woods behind my isolated mountain home. My bones were shivering in the cold November air, yet this was exactly where I wanted to be. It has been almost seventy years since the moon was close enough to perform this spell, giving me enough power to pull this off, and not even the wolves pacing around me will stop me from doing it. I failed the last time, but now I knew I’d be prepared. Four hundred years of practicing my powers will finally allow me to pull it off.

I chanted the words of the old tongue as the moon appeared from behind the clouds. In my centuries of being a warlock, I never felt so powerful. I cut open my palm and rubbed blood on my chest to start. I could feel the icy blue glow as I dropped to my knees, feeling the magic begin its work. My bones cracked and creaked as I shrunk in size with excruciating pain. It narrowed my shoulders and widened my hips. My skin burned as my hair dissolved from my body, while I felt ancient spirits pull blonde locks from my head, yanking me side to side as it grew longer.

I screamed and rolled on the ground in the leaves to fight the pain, yet the spell was far from over. My thick muscles cramped and tightened as years of lifting weights shrunk to nothing. My chest and ass felt like they were in boiling water as my features swelled, giving me a bouncy butt, and jiggly tits. Finally my dick swelled and throbbed, causing the candles to explode with balls of fire, followed by a powerful gust of wind that blew the candles out.

My dick shrunk inside me, pulling my balls in with it. My stomach was in knots as my insides transformed into a sensitive, fertile womb. I was panting as I saw the wolves creep forward, but they were stopped when I screamed and moaned from the fiery sensations in my new parts. The candles relit themselves and exploded once again with bright orange bursts that shrunk as my sensations calmed.

I looked up at the wolves surrounding me, and they replied with a howl at the moon. I stood up and pulled off my jacket as I admired my new, teenage body. I smiled as I looked up at the moon in the sky. The wolves backed away from me as I stepped from the circle of fire, now the witch I was truly meant to be.


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