Stolen Body

“Aw yeah”, Sam sighed in delight as he pulled up his panties against his crotch.

He had stolen the body of his five year older crush, the nineteen year old Laura that lived next door and was in full swing exploring his new body step by step.

Directly after he took over her body he squirmed out of her tight jeans to get a better look. A wide grin spread on his face seeing her body from a whole new perspective.

His hands had caressed his smooth legs, which occasionally sent tingles up his spine. He didn´t want to rush his exploration but he was curious on how it felt “down below”.
He began to use his panties to rub against his crotch, slowly kindling an inner fire inside of his body.
His pulse began to rise and his breathing became more staggered.
And then he stopped.
“Wow”, he said loud to himself. “That felt awesome”.
The inner fire still burned but he wanted to slowly increase it bit by bit until it was an thundering inferno.

He gulped in expectation as his dainty hands was slowly moving towards his bountiful breasts.

His first time should be special.


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