Pretty Little Ink

It wasn’t my first tattoo and it certainly wasn’t going to be my last. It was just like any other when it came to the weeks of work, outlining, and filling in. The stinging pain was expected, but the aches and cramps at night were what I spent months saving money for. I knew I needed to have a few weeks off while the process was completed.

Over the weeks of touching up the rose on my right arm, I felt the special ink take its effect. Hormones sunk into my skin from the tattoo, and flowed through my veins while I slept, shrinking me in stature, widening my hips, softening my skin, and plumping out my butt and breasts. It was a slow-going process, but after a few days the changes were noticeable.

I’d have dreams of men and women alike, rubbing, and caressing me, only to wake up with sticky mess in my panties. My shrinking dick seemed to be emptying its supply over the past few nights, and it continued to get smaller and smaller while completely new parts were growing inside me. Two weeks after it was finished, I had the looks of a woman, and I awoke to find my last sticky surprise. I rubbed my hands between my legs to feel a womanly mound that tickled with sensitivity with the slightest touch.

I felt confident enough now to go out in public. I applied makeup, styled my long hair, shaved every last inch of my body, and decided I needed to go out to buy my new wardrobe for my new life. But first, I think I’ll test out the new plumbing with the dildos I was saving for this morning, when I woke up a full woman!


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