Smoke and Poke

House-sitting for my Aunt Becky was something I always enjoyed. Although she was old, she had a million different channels on her TV, she had an awesome pool out back, and it gave me a place to smoke the herb without worrying about somebody showing up.

My aunt’s bed was hard as a rock, so I often found myself sleeping in her girliest decorated room, simply because it had the most comfortable bed. I threw my bags down, and sat on the bed before lighting my first joint of the weekend. Looking at the dressers, I wondered what she may have kept in them. Opening the drawers I found clothing that she must have kept from her youth. But when I dug through them I found a bag of weed hidden in there. I was stunned.

It had a perfumed scent to it, and I thought I’d roll myself another joint with it. As I smoked it, I felt a full body euphoria like I had never experienced before. The tip was glowing pink, rather than orange as I inhaled, but I thought nothing of it. Eventually I smoked it down to the filter, and I was super high, staring at the makeup on the vanity, and the clothing in the drawer.

I was so high that I thought I saw a feminine face staring back at me. I got up to approach the mirror, and my pants fell to my feet when I stood since they didn’t fit around my small waist. My shirt also felt much bigger than usual, so I pulled it off to find breasts under it. I would have been more shocked, but I then noticed long blonde hair blocking my eyes. Moving it aside, I saw a girl in the mirror wearing my boxers.

Still too stoned to understand what was going on, I pulled off my boxers, revealing my new pink lips. Feeling cold, I found the underwear drawer and put on a pair of white satin panties, before finding a skirt and blouse to wear. I sat down at the vanity, and applied make up with strangely practiced hands. The nail polish came next, before I stepped back and took a selfie with my phone that oddly had a pink and purple cover.

Looking around, I noticed a drawer I forgot to search through, and in there I found an unopened box with a vibrating dildo inside it. With it was a note reading, “When I was a young girl, I always loved to smoke and poke,” signed by Aunt Becky. I was a little taken aback by this, but this weed got me so horny I didn’t care.


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