A Trainer Like No Other

Since summer is right around the corner, my services as a personal trainer are in high demand. I’ve got a 100% success rate, making me the most successful trainer–maybe ever. I have a very simple method that no other trainers could offer…I’m a bodyhopper!

For years I’ve been sculpting fat guys into shredded hunks, while they get to live in my fit and sculpted body. We’d switch back after the allotted time, and I’d get paid handsomely. But it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I was hired by a woman to give her the bikini body she’s desired for years. At first I was hesitant to take her up as a client since I’ve never been a woman, but after she offered me twice my rate, I couldn’t say no.

Although adjusting to the female anatomy was tough, regarding hormonal mood swings and my period every month, I eventually began to enjoy myself. I lost the weight she asked and made her into a smoke-show quicker than I expected, so I decided to stay as her for a few more weeks for fun.

Who knew how comfortable yoga pants were? The feeling I got as they stretched over my smooth legs, scooping underneath my bouncy butt cheeks and sometimes between my cheeks. I never imagined the attention from all the boys I’d catch staring at my jiggly breasts would make me feel so empowered. I’d grown to enjoy flirting with the gym guys, many of whom I knew as my old self. I’d ask them to spot me while I did squats only to feel their hard-ons pressing against my ass with each rep.

Getting changed in the women’s locker room everyday was my opportunity to show off all the cute and girly outfits I got to wear. I was beginning to think like a woman but I still had my male sex drive. Being in this body, showering this blonde fox each night made into me a ticking time-bomb of sexual desire. It eventually reached a point when I had to break my code of ethics, and go out for a night on the town dressed to the nines.

Drinks were free thanks to all the thirsty fellas just looking for a girl to bring home. I finally was the one with the power. I ended up letting a hot hunk fuck my brains out that same night, and oh my god, I was hitting the big O every three minutes.

Unfortunately, having sex in her body means my fee is cut in half, but I learned some very important lessons, making this worth it. I now knew that it’s going to suck going back to my old self after this girl’s fitness goal is met. But from my experiences over the past few months, I’m amending my business with two new changes: I’m only taking on women as clients, and my code of ethics is no longer in the contract…Bikini season here I come!


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