A Different Kind of Steroid

Scouring through the internet, I found hundreds of weight loss programs. Some were too easy to be true, and others required a lifestyle change that I needed desperately, but was too lazy to accomplish. I enjoyed eating, drinking, and smoking too much to stop, but everyone knows the quote, “Nothing tastes better than being skinny.” Enough was enough, and I found a program that really caught my eye.

It was a one-time treatment where all I needed to do was inject a pink fluid into my thigh, and from then on, all I needed to do was work out. When the package arrived, it contained the shot already prepped with the fluid, and it also contained female workout attire that I couldn’t imagine ever fitting into.

Regardless, I followed the instructions. I injected myself, and it told me to immediately perform various workouts for quicker effects. So, I began doing sit ups until my stomach burned. I looked down to see my stomach was now flat! That was quick. So I rolled over and began doing push-ups, hoping my arms would become muscular, rather they became thinner, but more shapely, and my shoulders seemed to become more slender as well. However, my chest seemed to lose no mass, rather it became bigger, forming two round breasts.

Confused, I stood up and ran to the mirror to find my red hair was now long and blonde, and my face was thin and feminine. I panicked and began running toward the phone to call for an explanation, but while I did, my shorts and boxers fell around my ankles, causing me to fall over. I let out a girly scream as I hit the ground, but I landed near my opened package to see the female workout attire. I now knew what they were for.

I tied my hair back and slid the underwear up my shapely legs and over my shrinking cock. I pulled on the sports bra to support my new, tender breasts. And over the bra I pulled on my tight t-shirt just before pulling the yoga pants over my legs. I got shivers once everything was on. I continued the program, doing some squats and lunges, giving me a squishy butt. My dick was now tiny, but erect, so I got on my hands and knees and began kicking my leg back, rubbing it between my soft thighs until it pulsated, squirted, and shrunk into a vagina.

I continued the same workout while I felt my womb deepen, and completely form, triggering a dizzying, yet exhausted orgasm. Looking down at myself, I was no longer a fat boy, but a fit girl who was always eager for a workout. Feeling one of the side effects, I had an extremely heightened sex drive. It was time for me to get to the gym and find a muscular man to help me break in this new body.


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