Graveyard shift in the Mall

I waved goodbye to the final janitor and locked the door behind him after he left the now empty shopping mall. My job as a mall cop at first seemed boring as hell, considering there was literally no crime in my town, until I heard about the new store that opened. “Fantasies Inc.” was once an internet clothing line until it became so popular they opened facilities all across the country. And from what everyone was saying, these clothes seemed to look great on anybody.

Knowing I was finally alone, I locked up the rest of the stores except that one. I turned the lights back on and snagged a bunch of different bikinis before going into the dressing room. I took off all of my clothes until I was naked as the day I was born. Up next, I tied on the pink and gold bikini, having to stretch the bottoms around my hardening dick.

Once I felt the buzzing sensation from the clothing, I could feel my skin softening as my body hair dissolved into nothing. My face felt numb as my features shifted into a gorgeous feminine look. I shrunk almost twelve inches before my hair turned blonde and grew far past my shrinking shoulders. My muscles shrunk, changing me from solid to squishy as my hips widened and my butt plumped out, pulling the tight bikini between my cheeks.

I grabbed some tissues from the box that the janitors asked the store to provide after countless incidents of customers doing what I new was coming next. Bouncy breasts swelled to fill the bikini top as the raging stiffy in my bottoms swelled, prompting me to pull it out just before ropes of cum filled the tissues in my hand. I moaned and shook as my voice rose higher and higher.

My dick shriveled into my body, blooming into pink feminine lips. I felt wet between my legs now, as a mind-blowing orgasm shook me onto my squishy butt. My shouts and moans of pleasure made me even more horny, making me want to unlock the adult store on the other side of the mall.

Before long I found myself in there, testing out their inventory of vibrators and dildos before coming back to try on half of the store’s dresses and skirts. I always tried to wear as much as I could before the sun rose and the other security guard showed up. At first this job sucked, but now I loved nothing more than my girly nights alone in the mall!


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