Paying Attention to Warning Labels

It was my last day of my internship at my college’s chemical facility, and I always made a tradition of stealing a souvenir from wherever I worked to remember the place. Besides my desk, and the employee lounge, I never really got to see the place. So, I decided to give myself an unauthorized tour with the help of my boss’s “missing” keys.

I wandered through the various labs and storage facilities that were typically off limits to unpaid interns like myself, but these were the places with the coolest stuff. I didn’t understand what the experiments were, but I heard it was groundbreaking stuff. I finally spotted an employee’s coffee mug with a cool poison logo on it in one of these labs, and I snuck it out in my backpack when I left. It sat in my apartment’s kitchen cabinet for a few weeks before I found it again.

Looking to the bottom of the cup, there was a strange pink syrup accumulating in the middle. I took it over to my sink to wash it, but the second the water hit it, a pink cloud of smoke filled my whole kitchen. I coughed while the perfumed scent filled my lungs and seemed to stick to my skin and clothes. I fell over nearly unconscious and squirmed on the floor while I shrunk over six inches. The liquid evaporated from my skin, leaving it soft and hairless from my face down, while the hair on my head grew long past my slimming shoulders.

The shirt I was wearing shrunk and restitched into a blue, pink, and white bra with frilled edges. It wasn’t long before two glorious jugs swelled to fill the bra’s cups. Next thing I knew, my songs were stretching all the way up my legs while my pants shrunk and became a corset and garter belt that matched my bra. My boxers shrunk into white frilly panties with pink bows that attached to my stockings. My butt grew and pulled the front of my panties to pull on my rock hard dick, that slipped inside me to flower into pretty pink lips between my bare thighs. I could feel my insides shifting until my muscles tightened and I let out screams and gasps of raging pleasure.

I panted for a moment while the pink smoke quickly faded. Standing up, I found the coffee mug that was still foaming. I grabbed a whisk to stir it, but nothing happened. I examined my soft, curvy new body and noticed my whole apartment now looked like it was something out of the fifties. I wanted to investigate, but I heard my front door open. Footsteps made their way to me in the kitchen where I found my husband undoing his tie with a smile across his face.

“You must be eager to get our family started…” he grinned.

“Oh, honey, you have no idea,” a feminine voice said with my mouth, yet I don’t remember telling myself to say anything. I then approached him unwillingly and kissed him passionately while he slid his fingers into my soaking wet pussy. The sensation felt so good it caused me to drop the mug, and from it came the same pink smoke. “Oh great! Here we go again…” I then thought as I inhaled more of the chemicals.


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