Vacation Week Extension

Thousands filed formal complaints while hundreds threaten to sue after three days of inactivity from the DreamGirl App’s headquarters. Due to the unexpected surge in users over the previous holiday weekend, the servers crashed, and thousands of guys found themselves temporarily stuck in female bodies until the problem could be repaired.

Many claimed loss of income due to their inability to work, others were stuck in vacation spots because they lacked the legal IDs to return home. Me, however…I LOVE THIS! My bosses at work owe me more than a few favors so an extension for vacation time was no problem, and I have more than enough money to stay at my hotel stay for a couple of days longer than expected. Boys are buying me all my drinks at the bar, and I’m getting lucky almost every night.

I’m spending my days by the pool, and my nights at the clubs. I’m in no hurry to go home. Huge tits, a fit body, a gorgeous face, attention from every guy and girl around me, and sexy outfits all day aren’t something I’ll ever complain about. For all I care, hopefully they’ll never fix the app. I’m loving this lifestyle way too much!!!


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