Mirrored Reality (part 2)

Since that faithfull day when I got trapped inside a mirror, my life had changed for the better. I was no longer a man, but I did enjoy being Emily. I refrained to look at myself in the mirror for days. I was afraid I would get trapped again. One day, I caught a glimpse of myself, “Wow, I am really hot” I thought, “I love being a woman”. I couldn’t stop looking at the mirror. But thankfully, nothing happened. Later that day, I went out on a date with my boyfriend. Afterwards, he invited me to his place.

We were to have sex of course, “just a minute” I said while walking to his bathroom. I intended to change myself into something sexy. I looked at myself in his bathroom mirror, and it happened again. I was looking back at myself from inside the mirror. I had lost control of my body, I was once again just a mere reflection of the girl outside the mirror. I did everything she did. Once she got out of the bathroom, she closed the door, which freed me from her. I started to panic, “not again! I can’t be trapped inside the mirrored world for two years like last time, I have to find a way out” I said.

I walked outside my house, and just like last time, apart from me, mirror world was empty. I remembered, that last time I was able to escape, once I became someone else’s reflection. I walked inside a random house, and waited until someone looked at the mirror. It was a blonde girl, she was wearing a thight white dress. “Wow she is hot” I thought. She raised her right arm, she was holding a phone. I realized I was repeating her everymove. She smiled and took a picture, and then, I was outside the mirror again. I was free. I was now this girl. Since I didn’t know her name, I looked through her things, “Tiffany” I said once I looked at her id. “Well, I am ready to go to a party of some sorts, but I don’t know where or when” I whispered. Thankfully her phone rang, it was her boyfriend, well, my boyfriend. “I’ll pick you up in 10 minutes” he said.

I was in a new body once again. For now, I had the theory that I wouldn’t have any problem staying as Tiffany, unless I looked at my reflection in my old mirror. “Maybe I should enter the mirror again, go back to my real male body. And end this madness once and for all” I told myself, “but for now, I have to enjoy the night as Tiffany… And I bet that with a body like this, I will surely enjoy it a lot.”


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