Left Behind

Needing to use up my vacation days I booked a trip alone to an ocean resort. I didn’t want to go alone but being single and my siblings all have families and all my friends were being lame or didn’t have vaca time to use left me with little choice. I decided that since I was going alone the resort was the best choice as I could get pampered and lay on the beach and get sun while checking out the girls.

When I got to my room I started to unpack. When I finished I went into the bathroom and changed into my suimsuit. Something hanging in the shower catches my attention. OMG, it’s a pair of woman’s bikini bottoms. The lady who was in the room before me must have accidentally left them. I decide to just leave them where they are in case she comes back for them and I head for the beach.

While lying on the beach my thoughts drift off to the woman’s bikini bottoms. They were rather wild. I wonder what the girl looked like who wore them? I then think about them touching her pussy. Did her pussy leak juices into them? Do they smell like her? Fuck, focus man, I’m getting a hard on and I can’t hide it in these trunks. I roll onto my stomach and watch the other guests walk by. So many hot girls are here. Look at how their bikinis hug their bodies. 🙂

When the sun begins to set I go back to my room to change for dinner. When I get to the resort dining hall this couple who saw me earlier invited me to sit with them. We shared stories and I quickly became friends with this couple. I told them about the suit and asked if they ever found anything left behind by another guest on any of their trips. They said no but warned be to be careful as the XD virus is becoming more prevalent. After dinner and a few more drinks I went back to my room.

I’m lying in bed and can’t stop thinking about those bikini bottoms. Seeing as I was drunk I wasn’t exactly using my best judgement. I went into the shower and got the swimming suit. I held it just so and I could see how the girls pussy had molded them. I literally could see the shape of her pussy in the fabric! When I looked on the inside there was some dried juice on them. I couldn’t resist smelling them and the smell of her pussy was intoxicating. I then wondered if I sucked on them if I could taste her. Mmmm, she tastes delicious.

I went back to my bed and masturbated. I rubbed the part that touched her pussy along my shaft imagining my dick touching her pussy. I then started having thoughts about what it’d be like to be a girl and have my own pussy. It didn’t take much longer and I came. I went back into the bathroom and cleaned myself off. Instead of putting my underwear back on, I put her bikini bottoms on and went to sleep.

When I woke up I felt like a completely different person. Walking into the bathroom I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I was! I have fire red hair, a beautiful woman’s face, natural DD breasts, soft smooth skin, a sexy waist and tummy, and the bikini bottoms fit my new pussy perfectly! So this is what the girl who owned these looks like. I then remember her / my name. Heather!

I now know why there isn’t a top. I remember I didn’t pack one because this resort allowed topless sunbathing. This is so weird, I know I’m not Heather and I used to be a guy but as the morning goes on I get more and more of her memories. I went to the beach feeling sexy as hell, I feel like I’ve always been a woman. I love how this new suit bottom I bought for this trip fits me. I’m sure to pick up some hot guys the way I look in this.

Hey Heather! It’s that couple I had dinner with last night. They are so sweet. Too bad he isn’t single, I would totally fuck him.

Can we take your picture? What do you say we go back to your room and take some nude photos?

Crap, how long have I been asleep? Last I remember was lying on the bed posing for that couple. Shit! My plane leaves in 1 hour. I throw on a t-shirt and some shorts that aren’t mine and pack what few clothes I have. Where are my suit bottoms? I don’t have time to keep looking. I rush to the airport.

Hey hon, how many guys do you think we can turn into Heather? I don’t know but I’ve already put her bottoms into the next guests room. 😉


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