Too Good to be True

Me and my friends were out clubbing when we saw a girls gone wild van pull up outside. I saw the producer enter the club and went to buy him a drink.

Hey dude, I was wondering if me and my friends could be a part of your next shoot? You know, the part where the girls are fucking the guys in the hotel room.

Absolutely. I just need you guys to fill out some paperwork about giving permission and being over 18. After that we can leave immediately.

This is too good to be true! Me and my 4 buds hop in the van. It leaves and there aren’t any girls in it. Hey, where’s the girls?

Trust us, they will be at the hotel.

We are up in the hotel room and still no girls. When are the girls going to arrive?

They’ll show up after you put these on.

He holds out 5 sets of panties and tops. So if we put these on the girls will show up and we get to have sex?


Well, it seems a bit weird to put on girls panties and tops but I guess it’s worth it if we get to have sex. There are 2 pink panties, 2 sky blue panties, and one pair of hot pink panties. I grab the hot pink panties and red top. My buds grabbed the others. We all went into the adjoining room and stripped and put them on.

Once the clothes were in place our bodies started changing. All 5 of us fell to the floor moaning in pain. Our bones cracked and adjusted, our fat shifted to our butts and chests, our waists became slim and hips shifted slightly outwards. Lastly our dicks and balls pulled into our bodies to become ovaries and vaginas!

The producer comes in and says “ok girls, time to stand up and show me your breasts.”

We all stood up and flashed him while looking at the girl next to us smiling. Mmmmm my pussy is wet. The crew is kinda cute.

Now for the sex scene. I want you girls to strip and kneel on the bed.

None of us took much convincing as we hopped on the bed, pussies dripping, and happily took their dicks in our vagina’s.

We each got a copy of the tape. Watching it back I think I’m the hottest one. We did get to have sex and the change is permanent but all I think is this is too good to be true.


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