Cheating and Stealing

When my girlfriend caught me cheating on her I thought we’d be finished. I didn’t really care because she wasn’t any fun in bed. Like any breakup she wanted to know why and I told her the truth. Babe, our sex is like a 3 out of 10, you need to embrace the way your body feels and have fun with it. She started crying and begged me to give her another chance. Little did I know she was buying time to get her revenge.

The next week we had sex every night and she was getting better. It’s Friday night and I am exhausted as work is really stressful and I’ve been only getting 4 hours of sleep with all the sex. She then convinces me to take an energy pill. As we eat dinner I was feeling strange. My body was really warm and was tingling all over. As we talked I noticed my voice start squeaking like it did when I went through puberty. I swear my legs and feet got shorter as I have a more noticeable bend at the knee for my feet to touch the floor. My chest feels really strange. I’ve never noticed my nipples touching my shirt before. My crotch is feeling wet? My girl then says damn babe, you turned out really cute! I looked in the mirror to see a girl looking back at me! I looked down and my shirt was stretched tight showing the tits I now had. It turns out the energy pill was a femX pill. My girl then says now you can see firsthand how not boring I was.

I should be pissed at her but I’m really curious what life as a girl will be like. Instead of completely leaving me, she became my bff. She showed me the ropes of womanhood and during our first shower together we had our first lesbian sex. The orgasm was so amazing and I am loving this body. Over the next month we have had the most amazing sex ever. She even started dating a new guy and I’m not mad. I actually enjoy all the girl talk about him. She wants me to have sex with him too! I’m getting wet just thinking about it!

This weekend he came to our place and during the movie we were watching she started making out with him. I quickly joined. After we were all naked I got to fuck him first 🙂 No words can describe the feeling of having a dick in your pussy! As he got close to cumming and started to pull out I raised my hips to keep him in my pussy. He shot his first load into my womb before he fell out to finish shooting on my pussy lips. My girlfriend started licking up his cum off me and she completely missed the look her boyfriend and I shared. Let’s say both he and I knew I was more fun to have sex with and I stole her boyfriend then and there.


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