Still Have Power

Being the CEO of a business I started after college changed me. I wielded an immense amount of power. All my employees looked up to me and at the same time were afraid to screw up, after all I had been known to fire someone on the spot for this. I thought I was invincible which is why I went home with that woman I met at the grocery store. She got me to go down to her basement and somehow overpowered me. She tied me up to a bed, cut my clothes off, and then bit me on my inner thigh!

I could feel my body changing. I wasn’t sure what was happening but I tingled all over. My abdomen was churning and it felt like it was doing somersaults as my insides shifted and formed new parts. My balls! I felt them suck into my body! I looked down towards my crotch for the first time since she bit me to see what was going on. All my chest hair and leg hair was disappearing as it pulled into my skin. My chest started pulsating and I watched in horror as breasts started to sprout! They are growing so fast! I’m literally watching cleavage form as tits grow as fast as a balloon being blown up! I now feel my dick start to pull into my body. No, no, no! I don’t want a pussy! Within 30 seconds I formed a pussy and felt as my vagina connected to my womb. I am completely a woman now!

The girl then took out a vibrator and started to hold it to my clit. I didn’t want this, the idea of having something like a cock near me was repulsive. As the vibrations stimulated my clit I felt my tits become firm and nipples harden. My body was on fire and my pussy was wet with my juices. I want that vibrator in my pussy so bad! Put it in already I shout. To my pleasure she does and it feels so amazing! My body is humming and building something intense. All the sudden I start shaking uncontrollably as an orgasm takes me. It was so intense! Unlike anything I ever experienced as a man. I know I never want to be a man again and fully accept being a woman.

She then says welcome to the pack. I am your master. I want you to live your life as before but as a woman. When the time comes I will call upon you for assistance. I sent an e-mail to the CFO saying I’m taking some time off to redecorate my home. My tastes have changed dramatically and I’ve done an amazing job transforming my house into a woman’s mansion. When I went back to work I wore a woman’s business suit which I look scrumptious and powerful in. The CFO saw me sitting at my desk and started to call security. I couldn’t convince him I was me. Finally I said I work for the IRS and your boss needs you to come with me to straighten out some details.

I took him to my masters home. My CFO is now a buxom blonde. Now that she believes who I am I take her to my home to give her some of my outfits. I think she enjoys looking sexy and powerful as she poses for me. All I can think about is eating her pussy 😛

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