Medallion of Zulo – What comes around

I had become quite skilled in using the Medallion of Zulo. I knew the limitation with twelve hour recharge, its proficency to disappear and that unworn clothes can change specific bodyparts.
With it I had become multiple persons in my vicinity as well total strangers I only had seen a fleeting moment in a clothes shop.

Most of the time I had stayed at home and doing whatever I wanted with my body. The female ones were the best, they offered more opportunities for recreation.
Males were so and so, perhaps because I´m a male myself. The one time it was interesting when I transformed into that muscular guy with a big dong. But I grew bored of that body quickly.

After trying out multiple bodies I began to settle for a couple of them, mostly girls actually. I began to visit the malls looking like someone else and buy clothes for my body. My wardrobes was overflowing with all kind of dresses, pants, shirts,skirts and whatnot by now.
I mostly kept to myself during those excursions, interacting with the clerks only when needed.

Those trips and piqued my curiosity. How would it be to truly interact with someone else?
I nurtured the idea and wondered what kind of body I should use. I couldn´t use a real person so I settled with one of those I had created with the help of multiple garments and the medallion.
Next thing I had to do was to build a background for myself. It became a labour of love sculpting the life of the girl I had chosen. She was named Rhonda and had just moved into the city. She didn´t know anybody yet but was in search for friends.

The day had arrived when I would reveal Rhonda to the world.
A familiar tingle spread through my body. Within thirty minutes I had become her again.
I took my time getting ready, Shower, dressing, fixing the hair, makeup and so on.
As usual I brought the medallion with me to safekeep it. I put it around my neck and taped the medallion itself to my body. It had worked like a charm.
I blew myself a kiss in the mirror when I was satisfied and headed out.

The bar I had chosen was crowded but not packed. The bartender handed me the daiquiri I had ordered and I began to sip on it and surveying the local.
It didn´t take long until I had a guy chatting me up. He was handsome enough so we began talking with each other.
He asked me about who I was and what I worked with, and I told him my meticously crafted backstory, while drinking the drinks he had bought me.

His name was Frederic and lived close by. He complimented my beauty several times and that made be blush. It kinda tingled in my body when he said it.
Must have been the alcohol affecting me.
My head felt heavy and I began to slur when I talked to him.
Definately the alcohol.
I just had had the daquiri and those other two glasses of whatever it was. I hadn´t take into account my smaller body when drinking.
“nmo-re acl….aclo…alcohole”, I tried to tell him.
“You poor thing”, Frederic said with a concerned voice. You look very ill. Let´s go to my place so you can rest”.
“K”, I answered. My legs didn´t fully obey me so he had to help out of the bar.


“What the…?”, I said and turned my head to left and right. I didn´t remember this place. Where was I?
There was some girl, I think, in front of me. I rubbed my eyes to clear my vision and was in for a big suprise. I saw myself. Or the girl I posed as. NAKED!
It looked like she was still in the process transforming into her new form and was trying very hard to keep her eyes open, but to no avail.
She was sleeping within minutes.
And I was in Frederics body.
How could this have happen?

The realisation hit me like a ton of bricks.
I found a package of Rohypnol, commonly known as roofies. That sonofabitch had fucking drugged me!
He must have touched the medallion when he undressed my female body, and when the changes proceeded the drugs must have materialized in his body instead.
The more I thought about it the more sense it made, and it just made me even more angry.

So what comes around goes around. Let this fucker get a taste of his own medecine.
I worked up a boner in his body and pointed it towards Frederic´s pussy.
When I pushed it in I heard him whimper. Good, he aware enough to feel something.
This would be a lesson he never would forget. I pistoned in and out of his pussy and I held my load for as long as I could until I finally spurted my semen into his pussy with several powerful jets.

I picked up my medallion and put on clothes. When I left I could see semen dribble out from his vagina.
Satisfaction. That was what I felt.
Let this piece of shit, unknown to the authorities, experience womanhood, and maybe motherhood.
This was his punishment.


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