I have a trip up to the lake house this weekend. I grabbed my suitcase to pack. I unzipped it and inside were a white lacy bra, some pink shorts, and a medallion. I picked up the bra and recognized it as my ex’s bra. I then grabbed the shorts. Why would she leave these here? I then grabbed the medallion. I put all 3 items in my left hand. The moment the medallion touched the clothing and my skin at the same time I transformed. In a matter of seconds I had breasts. I looked in the mirror and my ex was looking back at me. I had transformed into my ex! At that moment I realized how much I missed her. I put on her clothes to remind me of her even more.

I walked into the kitchen to eat breakfast. I leaned on the counter and began to ponder if I was still going to the lake house or driving to my ex’s. Screw it, I’m going to my ex’s. My family wouldn’t believe it was me anyway.

I got to my ex’s but guess who opened up the door. It was me! Turns out she used the medallion to become me and left the clothes she was wearing behind. What happened next? Well we had sex silly. Guess what, I loved it! I’m staying a girl forever. I mean why shouldn’t I? Just look at me, I’m gorgeous!


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