Still him

“C’mon sweetie, come to bed!” She said invitingly, playing with her brand new blonde hair.

The man in front of her chuckled, and teased “Hm, I’m not sure I want… will it be fun?”

The girl nodded profusely and replied “Oh yes it will, I can’t wait… please, I want you so bad” she practically begged, licking her lips to provoke her partner.

The man smiled triumphantly. He managed to get rid of one of his most powerful enemies in the bid for CEO, and at the same time gained a lover who was practically at his beck and call, eager to please him and sexually insatiable.

Or at least that’s what he thought.

The fact is that the potion he acquired did make Michael, who looks more like a Michelle now, an extremely attractive and sexual woman, but it didn’t change anything else in him. Well, sure, now he knew how to dress up and do make up and all those little details, but deep down he was still Michael. Truth is, Michael hated his job: the competition, the suits, the meetings, the club nights with the big cheeses of the company…
However, he also wasn’t prepared to relinquish everything, the luxury and the easy life..
But this! This has been a blessing! All he has to do is behave like a ditzy young woman, get fucked a couple of times a week (which, truth be told, he was starting to enjoy), and he still would get everything he needed. Plus, he’d be beautiful and young! What else could he possibly have wanted?

“So, are you ready to play?” the man said, unbuckling his trousers
“Yay!” She eagerly exclaimed, anticipating the wonderful feelings to come


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