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Still him

“C’mon sweetie, come to bed!” She said invitingly, playing with her brand new blonde hair. Read more

Because I can

Alan was terrified. Until a few moments ago, he was the same height as Tom, who was now towering a full foot over him. Read more

Let me go

“Please, let me go” I begged, on the verge of tears, to the siren that was holding me in her lap. She ignored me, and kept kissing my neck and massaging my small back relentlessy. The shivers caused by her expert touch on my new silky skin were too much, and I could not control my moans. And the more I moaned, the more I felt aroused by the sound of my new seductive voice. Read more


Hey roomie, how are you doing today?
As you certainly know, I’ve had a very interesting, life-changing day. Read more