Staying that way

Katherine sighed and closed her eyes. The sensation was certainly good, she thought as she thrust her dick into Mark, wondering why she’d never tried turning herself into a man before.

But Mark, geez look at Mark. Sure Kathy had used her own magical powers to get revenge on the witch who cursed Mark into a woman by turning that witch into a bitch, but she hadn’t been able to change Mark back. At first Mark had been all about getting his manhood back, refusing to do anything `girly’. Then he’d started to adjust, slowly. When Kathy came home and found him masturbating, Mark admitted that he did it six times a day now. After that he said he was still working to turn back into a man, but Kathy never saw him doing anything about it.

And Kathy was horny, but she wasn’t a lesbian. So she came up with a solution. She turned herself into a man and told Mark she was going to fuck him. Mark seemed hesitant at first, arguing to be patient as Kathy manhandled him into position on the couch. All that argument went away the instant Kathy plunged into him.

Mark was never going to go back to being a man, Kathy realized as she fucked Mark and he moaned incoherently on the couch. Maybe, Kathy realized, she should consider staying a man…


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