Stuck as Melissa (part 1, interactive)

My name is Robert Bateman, and I am the hardest working attorney in New York City if not the entire world. After two straight years of not taking a single day off, I booked a week long vacation to the Bahamas. There I was relaxing on the beach when I drifted off to sleep on the sand…

Next thing I know I’m back at the office…except everything was different. This wasn’t my office. I don’t know where exactly I was in, but my clothes didn’t feel right either. They were extremely tight, and when I looked down I saw I was wearing a red dress. Not only that, but I had two enormous tits and long blonde hair. I pinched myself…this definitely is not a dream. Across the room I notice a note on the desk, so I walk over to read it. I don’t know why, but I’m walk perfectly in these very high heels. The note says:

“Mr. Bateman. You probably don’t even remember my name, but we met at this year’s Christmas party. I am one of your many ‘conquests’. Well, jokes on you. I found a revenge spell that swaps our bodies for 1 week. I have to tell you there is a catch. I have to give you one condition, and if you do not fulfill that condition the entire time you are in my body, then the change becomes permanent! Needless to say, I am going to enjoy being you for the rest of my life. Here is my condition is: you must obey any and all commands a man gives you. See you when I get back from the beach”

When I finished reading the note, it burst into flames and completely disappeared. Then, I heard a knock and the door opened.


Interactive: comment who is at the door


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