Guessing her name

“Will he remember?” James asked me. “Nope, not a chance” I said. My friend David had just fall asleep while we were on the road. I quickly unplugged his music player, and plugged the TG suggestion device to his earbuds. He started slowly changing. His face was the first to change, looking quite feminine. Further changes continued, his hair grew longer, and became blonde. We laughed when his chest started expanding. I still don’t know how the device works, I mean, I kinda understand how it changes the persons body and mind. But I still don’t get how his geeky glasses changed into sunglasses, and his clothes reshaped into a pink bikini and a green blouse.

By then, he no longer looked like a man, I am pretty sure he is a girl now. “I wonder what her name would be?” James asked, “I bet it is Jane”. “No she looks more like an Emily” my friend Travis said. “Must be Jessica” I said, they both laughed at me, “your ex’s name?”. “Well, she sure reminds me of her” I said.

When she openned her eyes, we looked at her, eager to find out who she now was. “How are you doing Jane?” James asked her, she looked with a confused expression at him, “why are you calling me that? That is not my name!”, she looked at me and continued talking, “love, tell him not to call me that”. “Yeah James, don’t call her that, that is not her name. Her name is Jessica!” I told him. But she looked at me with an angry face, “you too? that is not my name either! stop being funny”. “Emily?” Travis said, “haha very funny Travis” she said. “My name is Kimberly Katherine! you all know that” she said. I was glad we now knew her name, but I was excited that she picked me as her boyfriend. “ok ok Kim, come here” I said and kissed her. She kissed me back passionately. “Oh, and love, call me KimKat, you know I love that nickname”


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