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It was destiny

Me and Damian were best friends since kindergarten. We were inseparable, helping eachother out like true brothers. Back then i really didn’t expect that our friendship will grow into something more, considering that I was a boy the idea sounded pretty crazy back then. Read more

My secret life. Part 14

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty. As i got up a cold wind ran through my naked body causing me to shiver. I ignored it and went to the kitchen naked. I poured myself a glass of water and leaned against the table. I was spending the night with Owen, in his grandparent’s mansion. I loved spending time with him, especially when we cuddled in bed, but tonight i couldn’t sleep well. The fact that it will end soon was constantly bothering me. The day after tomorrow i will have to go back to work and my family is also coming back. It saddened me that i won’t be able to see Owen so often. Worse, i will have to break up with him. I can’t maintain our relationship living two lives. Sooner or later i will have to stop and it worried me. I didn’t want to stop. I didn’t want to just dissapear from Owen’s life and probably break his hearth. He is a good man and i feel awful for creating a relationship with him only to end it in two weeks. I should never have use that coin. Read more

Divorce gift

It’s finally time to take revange on my ex wife. After the divorce she took everything from me. My car, my house, my reputation and most importantly my two years old son. I’ve prepared everything and send her a small gift, a coin that will help me get everything back. She just needs to touch it and then the magic will work. I’m sure she already recived it, i just need to wait. Read more

Can’t resisit

When Ted went out of the shower he felt that something is wrong. He grabbed his boobs and screamed “What the!” He stopped hearing his feminine voice. “What the hell. Why did i turn into a chick” He said looking in the mirror. Read more


15 years old Steven was an only child so when his mother announced she’s expecting he was more than happy. Steven promised his mom that he would help her durning this time no matter what’s need to be done. His mother Lindsey used his enthusiasm and with the help of her grandma’s medalion she performed a body swap spell so he would take her place for a short time. Read more

My secret life. Part 10

After returning from the supermarket i made myself something to eat and turned on the tv. There was nothing interesting so i got bored very quickly and turned it off. I hopped into my car and drove far away from the town. When i reached a peacefull place i stopped and got out of the car. I wandered for some time through the country side to calm myself from what was happening lately. I loved those walks especially in my girl form. I stopped to enjoy the view and got so lost in my thoughts i didn’t even hear someone walk behind me. Read more

My secret life. Part 9

A cold wind ran through my skin. I covered myself and looked at the clock. “It’s time to get up” I said and sat on the bed. I straightened the hem of my nightgown and got up, letting out a huge yawn and streatching my body. “Two weeks” I smiled. I have two weeks just for myself. My wife with my kids went to her parents. I told her i have to much work and i can’t go. She didn’t even insist. Of course it was a lie. Secretly from my wife i took a two week vacation just so i could spend more time as Tiffany. Of course i will have to change back form time to time, especially when my wife calls me but if there won’t be any need i plan to spend as much time as Tiffany. Read more


Toby stepped into the bathroom nervously. His parents had gone out and, thank goodness, his sister Claire was at a friend’s house. Nervously he reached in to the nondescript brown paper bag and pulled out the item he’d been so embarassed to buy at the store. Read more

Mom’s request

Linda wasn’t in a good mood recently. The mother daughter picnic was soon and Linda was the only one among her co workers who didn’t have a daughter. She loved her son but she always dreamed to have a daughter. They could go shoppig together, share secrets and chat about girly stuff. Linda was single and she doubted she will ever get married again and have another child but she came up with a plan that could work out, if only her son would agree. Read more