Static Sock

I hate doing my own laundry, so I make my dad do it for me. The problem with this is that sometimes he mixes up my sister’s stuff with mine. Typically this applies to our socks, especially the black ones since they are not gender specific.

I got ready like any normal day. After my morning shower I put on my grey shirt, my shorts, and some boxers. I then put on “my” socks, feeling a static shock. I was odd, but I brushed it off as nothing. I then noticed that the grey shirt, and shorts that I put on were bigger than I thought.

I then walked to my sink to brush my teeth for the day, but when I looked up into the mirror, I had longer hair, and it was lighter than before. “What the hell” I exclaimed, but this only accelerated the changes. My chest felt heavier, I looked down to see smooth lumps growing. I went to feel them and when I touched them it sent unfamiliar pleasure radiating across my body. My legs soon shrunk causing my shorts to slide off. Then my ass grew out, pushing against my boxers. My boxers were no more as they contracted to my body, leaving an outline of my pussy.

Pussy? My cock was gone since it clearly couldn’t fit underneath my panties. I looked underneath to find a soaking slit. I looked back into the mirror to find my sister staring back at me. I felt sick to my stomach, how could I violate my sister’s body like this, I just saw her pussy. I screamed, in my new feminine voice, but soon after I did I heard my old voice next door. She must of transformed into me.

The world began to spin, but when it stopped I was in her room. Her memories flooded me, including the sensations she feels. I remember her boyfriend, and his cock. I no longer felt disgusted, actually I felt turn on by the thought of his cock. I felt a wetness grow in between my legs, and couldn’t contain my feelings anymore. I fell back onto her bed, grasping my new boobs as I did. I spread my legs, prepared to inspect myself. Whatever she was doing in my body I didn’t care, I am now her, and felt natural in her body.


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