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Creating a family

In our 6 years of marriage me and my wife agreed on almost everything besides one thing, children. My wife didn’t want to give up on her career and she was afraid the pregnancy would ruin her figure. I wanted kids so badly so I was trying to convince her that there is no problem with work after she gives birth, there are plenty of working mothers on high positons, my boss for example has two kids and she is doing fine. As for her figure she could always get it back with a some exercises like a lot of women did. That didn’t convince her, she still didn’t want to have kids. Read more

Re-edit: Lucky girl 2/3

His transformation didn’t stop there. He turned his head around to see his bottom fatten up. The panties slowly stretched and rode up between his buttocks. He felt embarrassed to see his sisters’ behind out of this perspective and his member sprang to attention again. In the meantime his hoodie’s sleeves had shortened and the material had thinned out. Caption letters appeared on the front reading “GIRL”. In the next moment his chest started itching and he tried to relieve the unsettling feeling by scratching it. His nipples were stiffening and his pecs were twitching. His areolas stretched and fat was being produced under his nipples. Big orbs of fat and flesh started to erupt from his chest. Derek knew what was coming. Breasts! He was growing breasts with big nipples. The tingling sensation caused his penis to harden and fully erect. He was getting incredibly horny. He reached for his member and started to masturbate to relieve the pressure. Finally the breast growth stopped at a small B-cup size. He couldn’t believe it. He had his own breasts. He started fondling them. He went over to the make-up table to study the next changes. His stubble and adam’s apple receded into inexistence. He screamed with a high-pitched voice that was familiar to him. He sounded like his sister. His jaw cracked and reshaped aswell as his cheekbones which moved upwards. His broader nose turned into a cute button nose and his mouth changed into plump kissable lips. His dark brown hair turned a bright blond and started growing rapidly. His eyebrows were plucked into shape by his sister’s tweezers which had appeared from nowhere. His eye colour changed from brown to a gray colour. Mascara and eyeliner was magically applied to his now big eyes. A drawer of the table opened magically and something shiny flew towards his nose. It was a nose ring. Again it just pierced right through the middle of his nose. He winced at the pain and looked in the mirror. Derek was stunned into silence. He stared back at his sister’s face. He got up from the table and admired his body in the big mirror. He looked exactly like his sister Diana from head to toe except for his crotch of course. He turned around and looked at his panty-clad heart-shaped bottom. The term “Lucky” wasn’t the fitting word for his situation. He noticed a pair of green high heels on the floor in front of him. Something was telling him to put them on. He didn’t want to but couldn’t resist. He stepped into them and straightened his body. He was back to his former height. Not only that but he could walk in the heels! He had walked around the room and hadn’t noticed the sway of his hips with every step that he had taken. But he didn’t even recall to have moved at all. The heels! – They were acting on their own. They were controlling him! He freaked out and tried to get out of the heels but they were locked in place. Then the green top he was wearing controlled his torso movement. He was being bent over the bed. It was like an invisible hand that was forcing him down. All he could do was watch in the mirror as his top was being pulled up to reveal his bare back. A sudden sting announced the next change. A name tattoo emerged right over his bottom which read “Clarence”. He didn’t even know his sister had a tattoo. Then it dawned on him. Clarence was her boyfriend and a nice guy Clarence at that but Derek didn’t want to be his girlfriend. Seeing the tattoo strengthened his notion. His attention went back to his member which had grown tiny over the past few minutes. Still it was very stiff. As soon as he touched it, it started to invert into his body. He panicked! The last evidence of him being a man started to vanish into a fold and he couldn’t stop it. He could feel his insides rearranging. Organs were being replaced and modified. She was now a complete woman. He was Diana.

Re-edit: Lucky girl 1/3

Alone at home Derek was looking for his blue hoodie that he wanted to wear for his date night with Anne. He had searched the whole house when he remembered that his sister had taken a few of his clothes a couple of times now. His sister Diana wasn’t home so he snuck into her room and began looking for his hoodie. He had searched everything apart from the basket full of dirty laundry. He dug deep into it and found his hoodie right at the bottom. He put it on straight away just to be sure. He turned towards the mirror. – He was a lucky guy. Going out with Anne meant going out with the hottest girl in high school! He noticed a bulge forming in his pants as he started thinking about her. To release pressure he pulled down his trousers and boxers but stumbled over something else. He fell backwards and landed straight on his butt. After a moment of shock he glanced over to the object that had caused him to fall. A pair of green panties?? Oddly enough they had four leaf-clover symbols on it and “LUCKY” written on it. Suddenly the panties began to twitch and started to slither towards him. The moment he realised what was happening the panties leaped onto his feet and travelled upwards. He tried to move his arms to stop the process but some force stopped him from doing so. Then the hoodie had started restricting his upper body movement. He could only pointlessly kick and watch as the panties moved to his crotch. His erection hadn’t grown any smaller. The silk panties settled tightly on his crotch and butt. All of a sudden he could move again. Instantly he tugged at the panties and tried to get them off but they wouldn’t budge. At once a sharp pain rippled through his abdomen. His insides started to shift around. Derek had to hold onto the side of the bed. In the mirror he could see his waist squeeze. His rib cage was shrinking and his stomach was flattening while his six-pack vanished. Then the panties started to feel even tighter. His hips were pushing outwards and his thighs were thickening. He watched in utter disbelief as his inner thighs squeezed his still erect member. He couldn’t quite comprehend what was happening but he sure knew the clothes had something to do with it. He noticed his feet were shrinking as were his hands. His nails grew rapidly and got equipped with french tips. Derek at this point thought he was being transformed into some freak. He observed his body hair as it was starting to retract. His once hairy arms and legs were now smooth to the touch and his stomach and chest were completely hairless. His knees had turned slightly inwards so that his thighs created a small triangular gap. His erection had faded and he pulled out his penis to make sure it was still there. A sudden sting had brought him back to reality. He pulled up his hoodie to be witness of a belly button that apparently had made its way over from his sister’s make-up table. It had pierced right through his belly button. The pain was short-lived as at this point Derek knew he was transforming into his sister. His torso started to decrease in size and his back started to arch. He was horrified and confused.

Re-edit: Lucky girl 3/3

Diana was relieved that the transformation was over. On the other hand she was still in a state of shock. Why had this happened? He went through his mind trying to come up with an explanation. The words Lucky and Girl added up to – “Lucky girl”. Luck didn’t bring her into this situation?! She suddenly heard footsteps.
Someone was coming up the stairs in the hall. She didn’t have the time to hide so she just hoped it wasn’t the real Diana. The door swung open and in stepped Clarence. She had forgotten about him coming to theirs. She was shocked to see him in this position and couldn’t come up with anything to say. “I came in through the open window downstairs. I hope you don’t mind. BTW…You look so hot in that outfit Diana!” She could only smile to this compliment even though she didn’t want to. “You must want something really bad”. He grinned as he said this. Diana wanted to step away only to find out that she couldn’t. Instead the heels lead her way to the bed. She crawled onto it and looked back at Clarence. Inwardly Derek was terrified as to what these clothes were making him do. “I love it when you play submissive. No talk. After all, you’re mine!” She shuddered at this last sentence. She opened her mouth and said “I like it when you take charge and I just play along. Look what I did for you!” Derek’s body pulled up the top and showed Clarence the tattoo. “Wow. You really want me, don’t you? Let’s try something different today”. With these last words Diana stuck her bottom in the air and rested her arms on the bed facing towards the mirror.
Derek was in total disbelief. What was going on? Clarence got rid of his T-shirt and unzipped his pants. He pulled down his boxers and his 7 inch erect cock flopped out. Derek didn’t know what to do. Diana acted on her own, “Come here big boy, I’m your lucky girl!” Derek’s mind was being overruled by Diana’s. “I’m not Diaaana!” she screamed. “I know… you’re her brother. Your sister is away for a week so you’ll be her replacement!”
With that Clarence climbed on the bed and touched Diana’s vaginal lips with the tip of his member. Slowly he pushed inside Diana’s vagina. The pleasure was unbearable. Read more

Trying to blackmail her

“Man this is weird, I’m in my little sister’s body” Kevin said looking with curiousity at his tiny arms. He reached his hands to his waist and belly. “She is so fragile and thin” He said amazed how smooth her skin was. The remote he found on the streets was really great. Thanks to it he could swap bodies with his 14 years old sister and find a way to blackmail her later. Read more


My little sister thought her plan will work perfectly but she had no idea what she brought on herself. When she used a weird remote to swap our bodies I was shocked and outraged, especially when she started to blackmail me. She demanded I will be doing her chores and homework while being in her body and if I refuse she will humiliate me using my body. I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction so I came up with a plan on my own. Read more

Falling in love

“This is awful” Kyle moaned looking at his reflection. He was really disgusted by his little sister’s body. “I have her face, and boobs and…” Kyle winced his face thinkig about what’s hiding under her panties. He was pissed that his sister stole his body at a time like this. He was about to go on a date with his crush but his sister used some wicked remote and went on the date in his body instead leaving Kyle stuck. Read more

My sister Amanda. Part 38 (End)

“Amanda, it’s so nice to see you” My mom gave me a big hug. “It’s good to see you too mom” I smiled. “How is my grandchild” My mom was overly excited. “I put my hand on my stomach, there is still some time before it grows and I didn’t feel pregnant at all. “The doctor said that everything is all right” I said as i steppet inside the house. James followed right behind me and we headed to the living room where the rest were awaiting. Read more


22 years old Kevin was relaxing after work playing his favorite video game. When he got thirsty he went to the kitchen to grab himself a beer. Passing by his younger sister’s room he heard that something is going on in there. “Get your hands of my breasts” He heard his sister’s voice. “Why don’t you make me Sally” Her boyfriend said. Kevin was getting furious thinking that this jerk is forcing himself on his little sister. “You little dick!” Kevin stormed inside the room, ready to skin him alive. “Wait! No!” His sister tried to stop him when he grabbed Peter, ready to punch him. “Stop it Kevin, It’s me, Sally” The boy cried in fear. Kevin looked at both of them in confuson. “We will explain, just put me down” Peter was begging him. Read more

My sister Amanda. Part 7

My nightmare had just began. I was heading to the place where i was supposed to meet with Kevin. I swear my sister is going to pay for this. Not only i was forced to go ona a date with a guy but the outfit she choose was awful, i felt like a whore. Well, i must admit the outfit would look great on Brandy or my crush Lisa, but not on my sister and especially not when i’m in her body. Not to mention i had to deal with the lustfull stares all the horny guys were giving me. Read more