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Getting Into Shape

I’m not saying I was the most fit person, however I wasn’t out of shape if you know what I mean. So I was browsing one of my favorite websites, opentgcaptions.com, and the usual advertisement popped up as soon as I enter the page, however this one caught my eye. Read more

Static Sock

I hate doing my own laundry, so I make my dad do it for me. The problem with this is that sometimes he mixes up my sister’s stuff with mine. Typically this applies to our socks, especially the black ones since they are not gender specific. Read more

Dressing Room

Calvin Klein was on of my favorite places to shop. They have a variety of underwear, jeans, and belts. I found a pair of jeans and some underwear that I liked so I went into the dressing room to try them out. I was only going to try the jeans on since trying on used boxers would be nasty, but I still took them in. Read more

Bodysuit Tampering

I have never been fond of my roommate Stephan, but when he suggested an investment opportunity I jumped at the offer. He said “Here’s the plan, I will buy a female bodysuit, and you will wear it to pose as my girlfriend, when “we” meet my parents this weekend. Then we will ask for money to fund “our” trip to Jamaica.” At first I was weary, but when he explained the harmlessness of the suit, and how it was only for the night, I reluctantly agreed. Read more

Losers always win: Part 1

I have never been a gambling person but when my roommate David suggested betting on the Oscars I was confused. He explained to me how fun it was so I agreed, thinking I was harmless fun. He voted for Leonardo DeCaprio, and I voted for Matt Damon. Read more


Why? Why must my sister swap bodies with me? Ever since she found that wishing rock, she has used it to her advantage. First it was doing doing things for her, she would wish for me to serve her. Then it started to get weird, she started to change my mind, messing with my thoughts. One time she even made me think I liked to suck cock, why would she do that? My girlfriend almost broke up with me because she thought I was gay. I guess my sister does these things since I used to mess with when she was younger. More recently she has stopped because we got into a huge fight and I told her I wouldn’t help her with anything ever again if she didn’t stop, so she stopped. Read more

Playboy Bunny

I loved flipping through those magazines, getting turned on by their skimpy outfits that revealed all the right curves. One day I got the monthly issue in the mailbox, and I was anxious to read it. I sat down on my couch to flip through it but I noticed that it was issued to “The sexist”, but that’s not my name. I thought it was slightly odd, but figured it was a marketing strategy to attract more men. Read more

New outlook on life

For the longest time I could never understand why I was different. I had barely any friends, and always stayed home and watched TV, I had no social life. But my sister always had something to do, she was either with her friends, watching a movie with her boyfriend, or experiencing life outside the house. Read more