Mark felt a little bit disgusted by what he had done but he had no choice but to drop his knickers and have a quick knee trembler with the man who was interviewing him if he wanted the job at the Slippery Pole the only place willing to take him on.

He had found it hard to find employment due to the fact that he was an ex-con trying to go straight who had little education and who was now trapped in the body of a middle aged woman thanks to the great shift.

He felt dirty and disgusting after he did it but was just glad to know he now had a job even if it was waiting tables at a local strip joint he just hoped his new boss would not expect him to put out every week as he rushed home to clean himself up.

Not enjoying the damp gooey feeling between his legs and headed straight to the bedroom when he got back to his apartment ripping off his dress on the way down the hall way before pulling off his tights and knickers and heading straight into the bathroom where he quickly clean himself up hoping it would make him feel less of a slut which it did not.


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