Sorority Revenge PT 5

Amy told me she was very pleased with the work I was doing after Fran’s change. She insisted though that I needed to pick up the pace of the changes before any of the brothers became aware. So I started formulating a plan for the evening.

At FAP, there was a group of guys who all hung out that everyone called the Beatles, mainly because their names were John, Paul, George, Ringo, and Brian. I decided they would be my target. I had Harriet wear her sluttiest lingerie, and Regina was eager to join in having her mind now adjusted to being a woman). I sent them off to the lounge in the Frat House where the guys liked to hang, and they would invite them to the basement for a wild time.

What they didn’t know, is Bella had given me a spell to cast on the door frame that would turn any man who came through it into a woman. I cast the spell and found a spot to hide with a good vantage point. Harriet came through first, followed by the 5 boys, then Regina. Once they were all through the door, the changes were instantaneous- with 5 gorgeous young women replacing the men.

I came out and ordered them to stand in line.
“Who are you? And what just happened?” the former Paul asked. He seemed shock at his feminine voice.
Brian chimed in “Thats Roger’s ex Rose.”

“Brianna is right, My name is Rose, and I’m on a mission to get Revenge on FAP. We are turning you and all your fraternity brothers into women. Here with you is the former Harry and the former Roger. Now I need you all to strip.”

One by one they took of their clothes. Except for John- he was fighting. So I walked past them to examine them all.

Brian, now Brianna, was a beautiful athletic brunette, wearing a cute blue thong.
Ringo, now Rhianna, was posing awkwardly trying to cover her golden panties and big breasts.
George, now Gia, was now a blonde, and seemed somewhat unphased in her blue panties.
Paul, now Piper, was a petite and adorable brunette in sexy pink panties.
I finally came to John and began lifting up her dress.
“Jenn, you must accept this new you”. She seemed to comply as I lifted off the dress.

“Now, this spell gives me the ability to give you orders- so listen up, you all need to go find a fraternity brother to sleep with, it will help finish the mental transformation.”
I looked at them, they all seemed terrified of the idea.
Regina chimed in “Sex is actually, like, totally awesome girls! You’ll love it!”

This did little to persuade them from their fear, but the spell was stronger, and within a minute, all 5 women, wearing only panties were upstairs searching for a man to fuck.


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