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Picking Who To Be

It was simple. In front of me is six beautiful women. Six pure females. I need to choose which one I shall become.
There were all kind of variables to consider. It wasn’t all just sexiness. Which body would be the best to have? I didn’t want huge breasts in the way so that ruled the one out on the far right. It was upsetting to let her go because she was all so sexy but it was the right call.
I wasn’t a fan of fair skin, I would of got so much sunburn every summer. That ruled out the second from the right. This also meant that I dropped the third from the right. I wasn’t keen on being a short girl so that got rid of the third from the left.
That left me with two. I was so excited. My palms were sweating profusely. My soon to be gone dick was firmly erect. I pondered and pondered. In the end I settled. I couldn’t go past the one on the far left her face was stunning and she had the nicest ass. I had to have it, I had to be her.
I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I love being a woman and I love being Katie. Read more

Month of Fun

They were all so excited. They got to be women for a whole month. They loved being able to look down and see breasts and cram their fingers into their starving vaginas. However, as with most good things in life there’s a catch. They have to act like women. Make up, skirts and heels are all absolute requirements. But none of they mind it just adds to the sexiness of it all. Read more

Westside Gym

The Westside Gym was unique. It was an all-girls gym. There isn’t a single male member, however to join in the first place you must be male.
It transforms people. They change men into women. It is immensely popular and it is quite difficult to get in. But I was lucky, as were the friends I have around me. Can you see me? The blonde in the range. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been her for a year now and I can’t thank the gym enough for it. Read more

Housewife Revolution

It was simple. They were taken in and made women. They would be moulded into the perfect housewife. Cooking, wearing dresses, cleaning and doing hair was the norm. They were all so satisfied. They all agreed it was far better than being a career orientated man. Who’s the next to join the housewife revolution?

Making Sure The Program Works pt. 2

A month and a half has gone by ever sine Stephen changed his best buddy into a hot, bimbo, slut named Julie, who doesn’t remember ever being Julian, the co-founder of the program that eventually changed him. Steph as been very liberal in his actions, changing “Julie” almost at will. He has made her black, brunette, classy, a teen, and even once a dominatrix. In other words, Steph has been in a complete paradise ever since the program worked on his buddy. It worked so well on him, that he has never tried using it on other people in fear it will mess up Julie. She has been caring for him, cooking for him, being his little fuck-puppet, however she didn’t care. The program has made Julie love doing this of course, and Steph loves every minute of being served. Read more


The Femchamber does great business. It has a waiting lists that boasts over a hundred men. Most men come to the Femchamber purely because of it’s safety. The procedure only leaves men as females for 3 days. However, many stay as women. A survey showed that 94% of customers came for a short and temporary experience of being a woman. However of those 94%, 52% opt for further treatment to make the change permanant. Read more

A fucking great weekend?

Chad is such an asshole, you thought, as you came home from school. He had been bullying you in public all week, as he has been doing ever since he found out you were a virgin some weeks ago. All the boys know about it now and they make fun of you whenever you’re around, and even more when Chad’s nearby. Read more

Ms. Natalie Beavers

Natalie Beavers was one of Ted’s teachers, and he often wondering what a sexy woman like herself, got up to after school let out. He wished to know one day on the way home from school, and after pushing a cat out of the way of being ran over, he was allowed one wish. This cat was magical, and wanted to repay Ted. Read more

Man Candy

The hot girl outside the school asked Ben if he wanted some “man candy”, and Ben thought she asked if he wanted some band candy. Ben said yes, and suddenly Ben found himself very female taking five guys from the football team in the storage room of near the gym. Read more