Sorority Revenge (PT 2)

Roger and I have been friends since we pledged FAP together. So when I realized I was short on cash this week and needed a few bucks to buy some groceries, I figured I could ask him. So I headed to his room at the Frat House to ask him.

I was caught off guard when I walked in to a nearly naked (her panties were lowered, but still on) woman playing with herself while looking in a mirror. I attempted to sneak out, but she had already noticed me and turned around.

She looked me straight in the eye and said “Please Fuck Me”. And I felt myself get hard instantly. She was gorgeous, and wanting me to fuck her- how could I say no. Surely the Frat Brothers would all agree, and I’m sure Roger wouldn’t mind me double dipping on his hookup. So I quickly stripped down, while she got on the bed waiting for me to go at her doggy style.

It was hot and heavy and she was a moaner. It was amazing. The best sex that I had in months. And she sure seemed to be enjoying herself. I felt my orgasm cumming and dumped my load into her…whoops- forgot a condom. She just kept moaning to herself, and we laid down next to eachother on the bed.

“I’m Harry by the way” I told her.
“I know….I’m… Regina.” she answered.
“That was amazing Regina.”
“Help”she said quietly.

Then I noticed Roger’s bathroom door open, and out came his ex, Rose.
“Ummm Hi Rose? This is awkward. Have you seen Roger?”
“He’s right here. You just fucked him…or should I say her.”
“Thats not possible. Roger has a dick and I did not see any dick just now.”I laughed at her.
“Regina?” Rose motioned at her.

“Harry, its all true. She already got Andy last night, and I didn’t believe it. But she is working with some witch named Bella, and the magic is powerful. She made me crave sex with you, and now that I have your cum inside of me I feel myself changing even more. Its some twisted revenge scheme for all that FAP has done wrong as a fraternity. Quick you have to tell the others, or she will change you next. RUN!”

I tried to get up to run, but Rose read something from a book, and I was unable to move. Ok maybe this girl wasn’t lying. But none of this is possible. None of it makes sense. Did I really just fuck one of my best guy friends?

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked Rose.

“Oh Bella gave me the perfect thing for your transformation, I just need to go get it from the Bathroom. Hope you enjoyed your last time having sex as a man, because soon you’ll be getting fucked as a woman.” she walked off with a laugh.

I looked at Regina…Roger… she saw me staring.
“Harry, I’m sorry you got dragged into this, but as a new woman myself, I can honestly say that sex is fun. Oh God did I really just say that? The cum is strengthening the spell. Im sorry, Harry, I really am…”


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