Time to Face Your New Reality

Jess embraced Ted’s new boobs as he looked at his new face in the full length mirror, “Ted, darling, you look divine, just lovely dear, oh your boobs are so luscious, your face so beautiful. Be glad I didn’t turn you into a frog or something for breaking my heart. Now you will do as I say from now on, or I will make due on that frog transformation, got that. Don’t worry you’ll get used to the twin weights bouncing about on your chest, and your new slit. Congratulations, you are a chick now! Since you liked to mess with slutty girls, I think I’m going to make you a slutty girl yourself, because I’ve invited five guys over for some fun.”

Ted’s heart sank as SHE realized this was her fate, and her new name was given to her, Teresa Peters, a suiting name as she would experience many “peters” in her new slut life, guided by her soon to be ex-wife Tanya.


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