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Prostituting Attorney

Jeff was fed up with his attorney Leon Jameson, after he lost his case and was going to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. His life was ruined, but before they took him away, he made sure to ruin his failed attorney as well. Leon had a necklace that was a family heirloom, allowing one person and only once per generation to use it for revenge, and only for revenge. Read more

Double Meat

An angry Ted told the drive through girl he asked for “double meat” on his burger, and only got a single, then he called her a whore, and said maybe she wanted the double meat instead. She got angry, and told her manager, a strange old man in a bathrobe. He came to the drive up window and told Ted what for. Read more

Do it

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass” said the man behind Trinity. Read more

From Humbug to Whore-Whore-Whore

I had been having a very bad holiday. My wife had just left me, taking my children with her.
“Fuck her,” I thought, and went out drinking. I had shot after shot, until the bartender cut me off. Not for being a drunk, but simply for being broke. He kicked me out and told me not to come back.
When I returned to my apartment, it was trashed, and the landlord kicked me out.
I had nothing, and went shivering out into the cold.
That’s when I met a bell-ringing Santa.
“I can help you out,” he said.
“Yeah, buddy,” I told him, “what do you want me to do? Suck your dick?”
“Listen, I’m a holiday genie. I can help you out. You just have to wish for something.”
I laughed.
“Well then, everything’s gone to shit, I don’t even feel the Christmas spirit. I’d love to feel it.”
“That is arranged,” the Santa said, and then disappeared. Read more


Gary went by the call sign “Tailpipe24”, because he boasted about taking 24 women in anal over his lifetime. One female player was offended by this, only there for gaming not all this sexual innuendo. After she beat him in a multiplayer session, he was frustrated and called her bitch, and that in the real world he would make her number 25 for hot butt sex. Read more

Dads Bonding at the Rave

“Oh my god, look at the size of that guy,” Derrik exclaimed. He felt so small and vulnerable, especially given the little blue booty shorts he wore with next to nothing up top. Across the dance floor he could make out Sam running his hands along the exposed chest of a muscular man. “Damn, that bastard is taking all the good ones.” Read more

Anything for Sister

I would do anything for my sister. I had believed that my whole life and as it turns out its true. When my sister got the opportunity to study in Antarctica I was thrilled for her but she was worried. She told me she didn’t think her husband Mike could go that long without sex since she would be gone for three years. I told her Mike would just get used to his hand but she had a different idea. She begged me to take gender change pills and be Mike’s live in housekeeper/sex outlet. I tried to refuse but my sister begged and once the tears started flowing I reluctantly agreed. Read more

Drive Thru Change Clinic

The Magic Change Clinic now had a drive thru, and you could order what you wanted, and pay. You would drive off and go home, with a magic ball. Once you grabbed it, the changes would take place. Mack here ordered the body of a skinny curvy purple haired chick who was an expert at anal. When he grabbed the ball he was suddenly on his new large round ass, grabbing it with his tiny new hands as a big purple dildo came out of his new huge butthole opening. His butthole was like one from years of anal experience, and he got this instantly. Another satisfied customer, as picked up the dildo and put it back in deeper this time screaming in bliss. He, now she just wondered why she now wanted to go clothes shopping and watch romantic comedies, and also had the urge to stop at the sex toy shop for some large anal beads! Mack was now Mandy.

Sorority Revenge 8/10

After we fucked the 4 new women, I was quick to take off my ring. Being a man was entertaining, but I loved being a woman- I had a gorgeous body as Rose. I thought it was sort of odd that Amy didn’t take hers off right away. And after going at it with the orgy, she…he…proceeded to fuck Regina and Harriet as well. I laughed it off as a bit of revenge. But when I woke up the next morning and Amy was still a man, and was fucking Harriet again, I started getting a bit worried. Read more